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    Can you finish above Arsenal


    I have just started posting on these boards today and have noticed that a few of you have been 'putting it about' on the Arsenal board.

    As a gooner from south London (yeah I know) I am interested in hearing whether you really think you have the ability and depth this year to finish above us?


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    • Hello Kevin,
      A civil question will always elicit a civil response mate.......
      Whilst I hate predicting end of season placings before its even begun ( I dont use the word 'never' which seems to be a favoured choice on your board!)..I will say this. I believe we are stronger than last year and also believe you are weaker than last season. Thats not to say the gap has closed enough for us to leapfrog you but i think it is closing.......only time will tell.
      Its as simple as that...........yeah there is a lot of banter over on your site at the moment and Iis fair to say I have dished my fair share but if you go back and read you will see I have only taken umbrage at th sad old churned out comments about us 'never' being as good as you.....only a fool will swallow that stuff.
      Over to you...

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      • Well put Essex.

        Kevin - I'd like to think we could finish above the Gooners this season, but there's something about AW and how he can coax his team of youngsters to do well that makes you hard to beat. Also, our 5-1 CC semi victory us aside, we seem to have a mental block about being able to beat you, but I'm hoping that will change with our new signings and the general air of confidence we seem to have about us.

        All in all, it'll be an interesting season but like Essex I don't want to predict anything (likely it'd be the kiss of death!).

    • ain't you all tired of this same discussion season after season...spend big in the hope mainly to out do arsenal...I think hoping to play champions league football is a little beyond spurs this season the best bet is playing for a uefa spot and if champions league comes at the expense of liverpool .... all well and good...you have to learn to walk before you can run my dear lads...

      Making big money signings and talking about finishing above arsenal from the other half of the table is not only ambitious but puts unneccessary pressure on the coach and big money signings to perform I would have thought that the last 2 seasons would've been enuff leasons would've been learnt.

      I encourage Ramos to buy Villa for 30m.... at the end performance anxiety will envelope the team and as usual it will end in a premature ejaculation...oh spuds...

      somehow I predict another season of premature ejaculation for you guys...

    • You must be getting tired of being also rans too eh badboy? Every year telling the world that AW has unearthed another batch of wonderkids only to bottle it at the finish line eh?
      Oh well we wouldnt be proper fans if we didnt go into each season expecting this one to be our year would we.
      Last season was a bad one for our development (won a trophy though.....remember them?) but the previous 2 seasons we finished 5th and had you lot worried. We expect to challenge in the top half this year, we expect to challenge you and Pool for CL spot...........the fact your here means its playing on your mind too badboy. Id look to your own problems before trying to anylise ours gooner.

    • but thats the whole point essex yid......why U guys are never successful ...its the point I am trying to make I would have said you guys were cured if you'd said ....we are going to win the league...

      All U seem to care about is finishing above arsenal and thats why you never have!!!

      I don't know if you know anything about psychology....but U've just displayed a typical trait of an under achiever...

      they think they are better than they are.....they usually have grandiose plans of how things will get better and go over the top.....they are unable to perform when thje chips are down....they frequently self destruct.....does that ring a bell on any club and is fans anyone?

    • Yes...it reminds me of Ar5ena1.........
      I dont know much about psychology but I know you have to win something to be a successful football club.......where's your silverware?
      Go back and read the thread...it was started by a goon......he asked us a simple question....we anaswered it. You just dont like the answer and the fact that you know your side is not up to the job.
      Who knows where we will both end up in May.....but you're not that good anymore...........deal with it.

    • quote... 'they think they are better than they are.....they usually have grandiose plans of how things will get better and go over the top.....they are unable to perform when thje chips are down....they frequently self destruct.....does that ring a bell on any club and is fans anyone?'...unquote

      lol, sadboy, does that remind YOU of anyone's fans or team? the goons maybe? lol ;-)

    • just looking through my crystal ball I see a scrap for relegation in May for some ......after all the grandiose spending....if you extrapolate 5th to 11th from last season if u add a further 6 this season where does that leave the spuds in ....don't think the spuds are good at maths either...

    • ''and your saying your get 4th spot''......hmm where did I say that? Can you show me?..........................
      Its YOU who wont get a CL spot.....read the thread to see why I think this.

    • just for the record heres what your gonna sent this summer, just hope you win something as your manager seems bent on spending so much money, if you dont get any silverware this season ,i can see him going like jol .and your club will have to sell all your players to survive.


    • boo hoo...poor spurs.........still its all 'ifs n buts' eh?
      What will happen to your manager if you dont win any silverware next season? How about if you have a bad start to the season? Will your players jump ship in January? Some big clubs waiting in the wings for Ade and Fab etc........hmm poor little goons........dont look so good when the table is turned does it?
      Or we could just wait and see ....our squad is better than last year and yours is weaker....those are facts NOT based on history.......do you get it now?

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