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  • Todays rumours have us back in for Villa at 30+million!!

    How do you see this one panning out? With Berbs on his way (its gonna happen...we know it) for say 25+million and with the money we have got from the deadwood and Keane we can at least afford him. No one else has bid for him yet.......its a 'possibility' it could happen.
    Where would he fit in if we got him?

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    • i dont rate Villa above the 20 mill mark.Usual hysteria after the EUROS. Great addition though if we HAD to replace Berbs. But only if we got 30 mil.

      And in all seriousness the Dean Ashton transfer would seem only to replace another former hammer Defoe. Good to have on the bench, but still resembles a nightclub bouncer

    • Well i don't know about Villa but the name Dean Ashton is being banded about. We've offered 15 million. I think we should offer more. An excellent addition to the squad, forget Villa.

      I am joking

      ASHTON !!!!

      What a crock

      I can smell cows

    • Good morning Essex

      We know Villa is a very good striker (roughly a goal every other game at club & international level)... my only concern is paying 30m+ for a soon-to-be 27 year old, unproven PL forward. I can't see Levy going for that, he usually drives a hard bargain. Villa would still be a better choice than Arshavin though, imo.
      I would hope, if we do sign him, Villa would follow the example of Torres and settle into the league quickly, but you can never tell.
      As to where he would fit in - I'm sure JR could find room for him. : )


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      • I am hopefull that U guys sign Villa with bated breath....what a waste of money....villa is an above average striker games to goal ratio 1:2

        What on earth has he ever done to deserve that price tag.

        A bit of advise you spend that kind of money when you are 90-95% certain that adding him to Ur team will definitely win you the league or champions league...... or some may say cynical he is going to sell so many shirts it won't matter if he didn't score any goals but at least U get ur money back from signing him...

        With Villa I don't see any of that..... buying him for that price is football suicide ...I have watched him in la liga week in week out...he is good but in my book not a world class striker period.

        Anything more than 17m is daylight robbery...I can't imagine you guys will go in to a deal like this with ur eyes open!!

        I see a schevchenko here...Torres is big strong powerful full of pace good in the air ...he was bulit for the premiership...Villa is not..

        Damn why am I givin U guys good advise anyway....I hope you pay 40m for him...

      • To reiterate - after Sunday's v. poor show I can't wait to see the back of Babytot...
        David Villa or Diego Milito...mate, yes please. I know Milito is probably a no-go but imagine both of them at the Lane - CRIKEY!!