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    View from the terraces

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    • Derby day came upon us again, 29th october, 2008, the yiddish faithful squeezed into a small corner of the huge, beautiful creation they call the emirates, hoping for revival and revenge as they hadnt beaten arsenals big boys since, well forever it semed, harry redknapp, the human potato had brought a smile back to the yiddos faces, will it continue in an upturned nature???................................................................

      well, they took the pitch and fer once the yiddos were putting effort in and trying to make a game of it and dare i say it, playing football, with real tackles, passes and stuff, 10mins or so into the game that little bugger, bentboy, went and scored a goal the likes of which we may never see again, oh bollocks, thought the mighty arsenal boys, he,s not meant to do that!! so the spurs sang, well at least until flappy, the flappiest keeper in flapland, flapped like a very flappy thing and silvestre nodded home off his shiny head! 1-1....thats more like it! the arsenal crew cheered up and tried to forget bentboy, the arsenal players settled into thier usual role of dominance and very fast feet!

      second half began, the crowd were eager, had been a great game so far ...........

      arsenal took the lead (obviously, you really shouldnt annoy them you kow) from another set piece and a header from the captain and fellow shiny head gallas!
      it was spurs turn to hush up, and think "oh bollox" , the game continued at the fastest pace known to man, both teams giving thier all and after a stunning little move adebayor banged in another... 3-1!! game over??? same old same old, everybody thought,however spurs thought different and the cheeky buggers scored again, fuck you said arsenal, yer asking for it now and zoomed straight up the other end and slammed in a humdinger of a van persie goal, "GAME OVER yer hear??" there faces said to the yiddo upstarts........big mistake, the gas was taken off just a touch, the gear lever was shifted down a notch and you just dont go doing that in a derby game now do you?? the yiddos nipped in with two late late goals, brought on by a cliche slip and a good bit of jenas play (unusual) and then in the fourth minute of time added on when the air was electric, sparks flying from the roof of the emirates, screams of "blow the poxy whistle you cunt" and "where the fuck did the 4 mins come from" were echoing round the stadium and in pubs and homes abuse was being directed at screens in one form or another, modric, the little shite, shot a shot, which both dipped and curved towards the arsenal goal hitting the post.....bouncing out into play again.......and that little shite lennon zipped in and stuck it in the arsenal net!!!! oh dear, gutted, well, sort of, the spurs fans went doolally and who could blame em, the arsenal fans applauded, well they should of in my mind, and old potato head rolled an eye one way, the other eye in a totally different direction and jumped up and down in a very happy potatoey way and whose to blame him?

      all in all........a GREAT game, what do we take from it??? a lesson, never take yer foot off the pedal when the game is won, go stick another one in the yiddish net and another and another, just in case.
      STILL unbeaten in the league, where the BIG boys play.

      roll on the next derby day drama.

      much love.

    • on the 19th 0f october, 2008, the yiddish faithful travelled to stoke, unfortunately we were bottom of the league, a minor blipp and this was our first step on the ladder of success and world domination.
      stoke sat one position above us in the league and this was our chance to climb up a little, it would be a peace of cake, stoke have just come up from the lower league and have no idea how it is in the premiership," we,ll destroy em" shouted the spurs boys "easy" ......
      well, you guessed it, we lost 2-1 and were bloody lucky it wasnt more, we,ll sleep bad tonight and all season by the looks of it, until we drop like a stone i guess, what do we do? sack ramos??? but its not his fault surely!!! we sold our strikers after all, SO WHAT DO WE DO???? .....erm.......sink......like the titanic.

      oh to be an arsenal fan, do you think we could swap teams without too much fuss from our yiddish friends????? heck, its gotta be worth it huh! lol

    • Love the club?? not this dump. fuck off mate

      whats the point. theres fuck all to see on the pitch so a view from the terraces is better used as a view of a household recycling dump. At least it smells better too

    • Another memory fer yer ter peruse.....

      It all came about in the year of our lord 2004.
      Arsenal, our mighty rivals( i use the word rival here loosely as we,ve never given em much trouble) came once again on d-day to white hart lane with a view to clinching the title on our sacred turf!
      "over our dead bodies" shouted the spurs faithful......
      well.......you guessed it huh??
      by the third minute, they colossus of a midfielder had made it 0-1, the bugger! we picked the ball out the net and strove with all our hearts to stop this tidle wave which was pouring down on us.....
      unfortunately we didnt have it in us (have we really ever) and they scored again in the 35th, that dancing genius they call pires!
      the second half came about and the arsenal boys decided to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea and some croissants, whilst they were otherwise engaged we got one back via redknapp (crikey, did he really manage a goal?) anyway on with the story, we struggled on and in the 90th minute our robbie tripped over a croissant eating arsenal leg or summin like that and we drew level, unfortunately the arsenal boys wernt on the pitch, they were dancing about with the premier league trophy. tutt.
      oh the glory (just wish it was ours)

    • one of my fondest memories came about in 1971, arsenal (spurs hated rivals) came to the lane needing to win to clinch the title, "over our dead bodies" the yiddish army shouted!
      well, it toughened the spurs boys up if nowt else lad, they wiped thier red and white butts with us, twas a shame but hell we,re used to it now.

    • Dont you find that the view from the terraces coincides with sods law as you always seem to have the seat with the structural post in the way at the match you REALLY wanted to see

      Bring back standing up, always a better view

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      • Sadly being only just a shade over 5ft tall standing at matches isn't my preferred option :-(

        I do remember being at the Lane to watch the UEFA Cup Final 2nd leg v Anderlecht in 1984 when we won it (in the days before the final was played on a neutral ground). Having started off relatively near the front I was gradually pushed further back as the game went on. I managed to see Tony Parkes save the penalty though (on his 21st birthday I believe) and wouldn't have missed it for the world.