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  • With just 25 days to go, its time to start the left wing lobby for the umpteenth season since Ginola departed.

    Gareth Bale is an excellent player, however he is not the single answer to our left flank problems.

    Gilberto doesn't cut it, like Kevin Prince Boateng another Hertha Berlin player (reject) that Commoli has signed who is just not up to the Premiership.

    The ideal situation is to have a quality left sided/footed midfielder for Bale to support and cause mayhem in the opposition right flank.

    The only muted possibility is Capel from Signor Ramos' old club Seville. There must be 3 or 4 others who could do an excellent job.

    It is crucial that the team has balance, at present we are in danger of being blindsided by Keane's departure and Berbatov joining ManYoo.

    We are probably dreaming about Villa as we were at the start of the Summer with Et'o (Levy won't/can't pay the wages this is an ongoing fundamental problem whilst ENIC continue to control the club).

    Ashton....do me a favour and like Kanoute was mentioned when Ramos first arrived....... its not progress!

    It is imperative that we bring in at least 3 quality players, 2 x strikers and the crucial Left sided player for midfield.

    No more making do with right sided players trying their best but always having to turn inside to get onto their good foot.

    Any suggestions besides Capel?

    Also just a thought, as Jol failed to tap into his Dutch connections (not Davids but the younger Dutch players), Ramos has not yet tapped into Seville or La Liga. Though we are currently wasting time in trying to sign a back up goalie.

    Does anyone know what is happening to Ben Alnwick he was an England U21 player when he arrived and now seems to have fallen off the radar.

    Another thought Man Yoo buy Berbatov on Aug 31st and deja vu strikes as we try in vain to get a striker and settle for another Rasiak.

    C'mon Spurs get it sorted!

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    • Well put Harry,

      Usually the panic would have set in by now, we have had a good pre-season then kaboom!! .... we fall apart when the season-proper starts.

      However we have been linked with every man and his dog this summer - the list is endless ( we set out to sign the man - Arshavin, Pavyluchenko & Villa but end up with his bloody dog - players like Kaboul & KPB etc.etc. ) which is always the way down in N17.

      So as far as signing the next golden-boy or next flop is concerned we will just have to wait to see who we're gonna be linked with next... I s'pose its just a case of watch, wait & see!!