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  • It is rumoured that, some years ago, Arsene Wenger made a telephone call to the then Manager of Tottenham, Glenn Hoddle. Their conversation went something like this:-
    "Good afternoon, Glenn. It's Arsene 'ere, 'ow are you?"
    "Hallo Arsene, I'm well, great to talk wiv you."
    "Glenn, I want to know what you zink about swopping our badges."
    "How do you mean, Arsene?"
    "Well, at Tottenham 'Otspur, you 'ave ze coque. 'Ere at Arsenal, we 'ave ze cannon."
    "Yeah Arsene, go on..."
    "Glenn, you 'ave to understand zat ze coque is the symbol of ze French national side. It is not just zat I am French but so are Henry, Pires, Viera and many other of my playeurs. They will play betteur wiz ze coque on zeir shirt because zey will zink of ze Republique of France every time zey play for Arsenal!!"
    "Errr Arsene, vat is fine but that would leave Spurs wiv va cannon. Why would we at Spurs want a cannon on our shirts!!"
    "Ha ha ha! Don't you zink I have already zought of zat."
    "Go on, Arsene ...."
    "When you next say ridiculous zings like paraplegics are being punished for some sin in a previous life, Tottenham can use ze cannon to fire you."

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