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  • Just been checking over our last 5 games against all opposition and our pre-season record is quite impressive:..

    Norwich 5-1
    Orient 5-1
    Celtic 2-0
    Borussia Dortmund 3-0
    AS Roma 5-0

    20 goals scored only 2 against...I can't wait for the new season to start if we continue like this!!!!

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    • The Celtic result's my marker for that - they're the team that I thought would give us the best indictation of how we'd do in the Prem, so that 2-0's very pleasing.

      I've just been checking out the televised games (Chelski, Man U & the Arse are all being televised for both the first 2 weekends & we're not on until the third, bah humbug grumble grumble), our first TV match is at Stanford Bridge on 31st - that'll be a juicy one! Before that we've got Middlesborough and Sunderland and they've got Portsmouth and Fulham, I can see us both being on 4 points at that point - neither team'll wanna drop any in this game for pride as much as anything else. Our results against them for the last 2 seasons have been 2 wins, 2 draws & 3 losses, so pretty closely tied.

      Bring it on!