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  • Matthew Matthew Aug 11, 2008 05:10 Flag

    Have we ever looked this strong in pre season?

    Before this year i never really watched many of Spurs' pre season games and was just wondering if we have ever look this strong coming up to the start of the season?
    The games like norwich arnt a great indicator but i was very impressed with how we have dominated Celtic, Dortmond and Roma, a mid table german team, the best team in scotland and the serie A runner up. Also to come away without conceeding shows how much are defence has improved since last season.
    For the last 3 seasons i have always been confident that we could push for the CL and been disapointed. is this year different or are we goin to have another transition season?

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    • I don't think I watched m/any pre-season matches last year, but I remember that the results were great and I was getting insanely excited... and we all know what happened then.

      As devilfish will take great pains to point out, it's not really a great indication of the season ahead, but it's certainly not gonna hurt. Personally, I think it's the first couple of games that give you a better sign. Last year I knew Sunderland would nail us - we were too cocky about a freshly promoted team, and their style of play isn't easy for us to get around - but I reckon we could take Middlesborough. I'm thinking a 3-2 to us, not a particularly good game but the result's the main thing.