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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Aug 12, 2008 01:20 Flag

    Cut & Paste This (in case you missed it)

    Spurs 5 Roma 0


    relive the goals - enjoy (got this from Vital Football)

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    • I can't work out if Bent's goals were a bit shit, or if it's just because the others were beautiful, but were all his other pre-season goals like that? I know a goal's a goal, but that'd be a bit disappointing.

      (I'm sorry, I'm trying to make him my favourite, but it leaves a funny taste in my mouth. I will accept him soon I'm sure).

      I didn't think I'd be a huge fan of Bentley, I didn't really want him to come to the Lane, but they were beauties!

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      • Quality vs what...ugliness I suppose. Bentley's first goal was as jammy as they come...Bent looked to be off-side for his second goal...also looked like he might have gotten a paw or forearm on the ball too...Bentley's second was sheer class, can't argue. Lennon's was actually a really cool finish for a non-striker...he kept his head and picked his spot.

        Bent, i don't recall ever seeing Bent score a real blinder of a goal...all his good work is before he deliver s ball to net...and I say, as long as he keeps doing this throughout the season, i could give a rat's arse how the goal looks (that goes for anyone else who scores for us) (Woodgate's winner in the CC is a classic example...any problem with that goal blonde?)