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    Our record against the top-four!!

    I know that this is somewhat of a contentious issue but how we will fair against the Manc's, Scousers, Chelski & Ar5ena1 this season - home and away?

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    • Let's see now...only our red neighbours (interlopers) did the doouble over us in the league last season...but we didn't beat any of the so-called top 4 in the league. We could have nicked the points against manure in their manner...same with the scousers.

      This year...well, I don't think the team is as settled as we'd like to think, hopefully a flying start will be the tonic for that. I still think our weakness is at the back, so that level of opponent could exploit us. giving up late goals are the one thing pushed Ramos to change diets and to get the team back in shape (Liverpool away and Man U at home, could've been avoided...maybe). I also hope he's been drilling the defense to guard against set pieces (especially corners).

      The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and we take our first bite on August 16. A couple of wins against them (the top 4) this season will be another step in the right direction...more important though...we've got the beat the teams we should beat, and fight off the teams that are close to us in ability (losing at home 1-3 to Everton or 4-whatever it was (that one hurt) to Brum isn't going to get us a high position finish). Beat the middle of the pack as well as the bottom-feeders and we'll be in great shape.

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      • I think I’m a tad more optimistic than some of you. As I put somewhere a few days ago, our recent record against Chelsea is pretty good, I think potentially we could have a battled out win at home & draw away. Don’t forget they’ve had more managerial upset than we have over the last 12 months, which gives us some advantage (even with a team of newbies).

        Man U: we outplayed them in the league twice last year but only got a point out of it, and they were the masters of our (FA?) cup match. I suspect the league’ll be the same situation and points this year, but cup matches are always a law unto themselves. I just don’t want Berb to score against us, and hope he shows us the same consideration (i.e. not celebrating goals) as he showed Leverkusen.

        Arsenal: ANYTHING is possible. Rules don’t apply to derby games. I’m going to say draws, but actually I reckon a draw away and lose at home.

        Liverpool: I don’t think they’re much better than us, but I don’t rate our chances against them. They’re one of those teams that I don’t understand why they always top us but they always do. If I’m honest, 2 losses. How have we got them on the last day of the season again?? I like to think it’s because the TV and FA gods think it’ll be a last minute battle for fourth, which is nice. If so, again the rule book goes out the window.

        Like some people have said, for me it’s the Villas and Blackburns and Evertons and Man Citys to really watch out for, that’s where we drop points for no reason.

    • Hmm, interesting - here are my humble opinions.

      Chelski at the end of August - hopefully Drogba still won't be fit although Anelka will be dangerous, but Gomes and the back 4 should provide a solid defence. Not sure how Chelski will play under Scolari, especially if he has a radically different approach to the rotation system employed by Mourhinho and Grant. But we beat them in the CC so there's no reason why we shouldn't do again, especially at WHL - but they have a very good record at the Bridge so a draw there would be good.

      Psychologically beating the Gooners in their own backyard will be tough but unless they solve the problem with their inexperienced midfield we should be able to control the game and a win would be great. At home I think we can win.

      Against the Scousers I think we'll have a point to prove to show Keano what a great team he left. I can see us getting a draw at WHL although a win would be great, but the last game of the season could possibly be between us and them for the final place in the Champions League and that should make it a cracker - shame it's at Anfield though.

      Manure - unfortunately unless he gets injured again they'll have the diving winker back by the time we play them at WHL in December. Again, we'll have a point to prove if Berba is still with us - but will he play his best against the team he feels he should be playing for? Hopefully a win at WHL, but think we'll be lucky to draw away let alone win.

      Playing the Gooners and Scousers within 3 days of each other will be tough - hopefully we'll be without serious injuries, particularly with the back 4 although I think we have enough cover with Zokora, Assou-Ekotto and Gunter if anything happens to Hutton or Bale (please not!).

      To challenge for a CL place we need to be getting 3 points home and away against the top 4 ; realistically though, I'd settle for draws against the Scousers and the Gooners as they'd be dropping points when they feel they should be beating us.

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      • Bold predictions KM............Im not comfortable with making direct predictions but I will say this on the matter ... our record against the 'usual' top 4 is improving. Therefore we should start to put a dent in their challenge this season as well as advance our own cause.
        Our performances against ManU were impressive last season (ask them who gave them the hardest games) and we beat the Chavs and the scum in cup competitions....much to everyones delight.
        However as already mentioned....we need to take points off them all to be make a real difference.
        I'd just be happy with a good start against Boro to be honest.........last seasons optimism was wiped out on that first day at Sunderland and we never really recovered league wise in my opinion.
        The goons have it easy as usual with their first few games and I hate having to play catch up with those t*ssers.