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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Aug 13, 2008 18:48 Flag

    Our record against the top-four!!

    Erm, no I'm not sure... I thought I was, until I started writing it down!

    I'm confident of our play against them, and I expect points from each of them except for Liverpool, and that will be unfathomable. I think Man U will be our proper test, they tend to be great games and if we can get points from them (never mind outplaying them or pretty football, as Joe Cole said recently, it's about grinding out a result when you're playing badly) it'll certainly be a positive indication.

    I almost said I can see us getting a win at Stamford bridge if we have a good first few games, but thought suggesting doing the double over them was a bit too bold! I reckon 4 points from them is definitely achievable.

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    • While I dont think beating all the top teams is 'essential' to us progressing next season I do think we need to improve on what last season turned out to be (if I remember off the top of my head) 4 points from a possible 24? We shouldnt be getting beaten at home by the likes of Pool and Goons and as already mentioned should be getting a few draws away to the top 4 too. So perhaps 10-12 points from these games would be a good measure of progress.
      Still its not good putting in a performance against Chelsea if you then go and let the Stokes and Wigans take the p*ss.
      The first season we finished 5th...we seemed to get the right results against the mid and lower teams so if we can emulate that AND take serious points off the top 6...we could end up where we want to be.