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  • Jason A Jason A Aug 13, 2008 05:14 Flag

    Fuck Berbatov.....

    this guy gave it some wellie, his strike partner went to Liverpool, Keanes boyhood club. This is the modern game.

    Let him (Berbs) go...and focus on who's going to be a Lilly White.

    The future and who do we want?

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    • I wonder if Ramos is cursing himself for letting Defoe go.... funny how that works out. 6 months ago we had too many strikers... and if reports are correct, in the next 48 hrs we will only have one. How fast things change. If we don't pick up another true striker, I think we may see a lot of a 4-5-1 formation, which might not be bad at all... given we do have a wealth of Midfielders

    • get rid of berbatov he has thrown his toys out of the pram once too often and proved he is not a team player. lets get in some quality and someone who wants to play for the lillywhites.

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      • We all know Berbs is a world class player and on ocassions simply out of this world. Problem is he doesnt want to do it in a Spurs shirt any more! So on that basis its better he goes.
        Yes we will have fond memories of some of the great goals he scored for us BUT he has shown what he thinks of us and our club and so the abuse he is getting from some spurs fans is understandable in my book.
        I agree we wont be able to replace him like for like but lets hope the Ramos factor ensures we get a top goal scorer...As long as we dont concede a thousand goals again next season we may get away with losing the 60 odd scored by Berb, Keane and Defoe.

    • We're losing a top class front man, I don't care what anybody says. Someone in our organization seems to have the ability to recognize the diamond in the rough and convince them to come to WHL...now we need someone to convince them to stay once they've arrived and started to attract attention; if we don't we'll be chasing our tails for the rest of our existence!

      Berbatov hasn't said a word because his agent has told him to keep quiet (I can't believe the pesky press hasn't stuck a microphone or two in front of his face to get a juicy quote...no, he's being shielded (as was Keane). You'll hear no end of chat once the deal goes through. I think he'll be cordial...he'll thank the fans and management (mainly the fans), and give all the standard reasons for leaving.

      To the guy who mentioned his "poncy head band"...so I guess dos Santos's isn't to your liking either, huh?

      So...going forward we now have one senior level striker (Bent), and a good young prospect (Peckhart)...that's not enough...not nearly enough. So who do we go for?

      Arshavin is not an out and out striker, so he's not the answer to this particular question. Pavelyuchenko's already made it clear that if he comes to the UK it would only be for the "top 4"...so why would we want him, knowing that our shop window has to be the most watched one in the league...and if he came that's all he'd be coming for. We could pay a little over the top for Santa Cruz...we could get totally ripped and pay the price for Villa...Eto'o's out the picture...and if anyone ever mentions TH...I'll personally pay them a visit and throw cold water in their face (WAKE UP!!)...see...no violence...heh heh.

      I think we'll find that we could be between a rock and a really hard place...let's hope not.

    • let the sh1t head go he was good for us sometimes better than keane but old keano put his heart and soul into the game thats y he wiil be remebered as a spurs legend and berbs

    • I cant fathom this guy out!!! Look at the changes since Mr. Magic Ramos arrival and ask yourself why he wants to go!! Is he looking for instant success with the filth that is MU(ck)??? Then lets hope he gets phuq all this season!!! I couldnt care less if he goes, the pansy looking phuqwit!!! His whiny nature and the poncy hairband doesnt go well on a footbal pitch....so let him phuq off if thats what he wants !!! If he showed a bit of loyalty I`d be all for him, but this MU(ck) bo!!ox has gone on long enough and hes hardly said a word about it 1 way or the other...... and do we still have a player named King???....will he ever get off his fat ar5e and play???

    • Are u a Man-ure Fan, why would want Berbatov to go?

    • Corluka?