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  • I see there are various reports that Mr Upsidedownmouth will be oop north within the next 48 hours.
    Seriously, the way he's behaved will any Spurs fan (unless you bought the new shirt with his name on...silly you!) be sorry to see the back of him? I know we'd rather have seen him go to Spain but it was always going to be United, and I suspect he'll have sore shins on 13th December!
    If this is true and the door is ajar it should trigger some very interesting reactions in the transfer market, out of all the players we've been linked with I know the ones I'd like to see come to the Lane, Villa and Milito....you?

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    • I came a cross an article from last season about our soon to be departed striker...check it out and get back to me


      (can you say Billy Big Boots)

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      • Interesting Rambr0. A few things which stood out for me:

        'BERBATOV SACKS JOL' (even 24 Hours, one of the more serious papers, went with 'BERBATOV KICKS OUT JOL'), but the player must bear a degree of responsibility for the team's malaise.
        The mood in Bulgaria is turning against Berbatov too.
        "In only a few months, Berbatov has managed to lose everything he had at Tottenham,"
        "Dimitar is under contract with Tottenham."

        I'd heard rumours about Berba being involved with MJ being sacked - something along the lines of he goes or I go (but don't quote me on that!).

        However, I didn't realise that his own countrymen had started to turn against him too - his ego must be massive if he doesn't realise it, or maybe he doesn't care. And if he stays at WHL but doesn't pull his weight for the team, especially with the superb service he'll get from Bentley, Modric and hopefully Dos Santos in the midfield (which he claims has been sadly lacking in the Spurs team of old), then it will be understandable that our fans will turn against him - and it will be richly deserved.

        For me the telling comment is the one about the contract - Manure have told the diving winker straight that he's not leaving even though it's clear he wants out, so we should do the same. A contract is a contract, plain and simple.

    • ....that doesn't mean I actually expect them to come but they're the ones I'd like to see!! Be interested to hear your views.