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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Aug 13, 2008 23:56 Flag

    angry but not sure with who??

    well as it says at the top im not surte who im pissed off with.
    is it the players - keane, berba or carrick for wanting to leave for the top 4, meaning we have to get another player try and o well and then have them leave.

    or is it with the club for letting them leave meaning the team is stripped of its prime assests. ??? well i dont know.
    if i had my way i would have all three with the signings we have made over the last 3 seasons and wpould love to see =where we end up. but one thing is for sure a top 4 side doesnt make some one a star just to sell them, they sell them when they are 30-31 and had there moment. wish we would do the same.

    rant over what do u all think?? no piss takers please im having a serious moment.

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    • i will always behind the team 100% and love them probably more then some of my family( justdont tell them ) what i think im trying to say is that im unsure that we can really push the big teams and get that wonderfull dream of champs league, or even push to win it,

      for years we have been average with what we achieve and when u have players like carrick and berba who are a class above the rest u need to keep them and build. look at man utd and who is the mainstay in there side for the last 10 years, players of skill and class , we seem to flog ours after a couple of years cos we are not winning anything.
      i guess as well that after last seasons 40 odd mill spent and the promise of breaking into the top 4 i just dont want to get my hopes up to high , incase it cos pete tog . real madrid allready want modric so is that next years berba saga if we dont do well.

    • I agree it's frustrating but I don't really blame the club. All 3 wanted to go so what do you do. If we'd forced Carrick or Keane to stay I'm sure they would still have put the effort in on the pitch but what price harmony behind the scenes. With Berbs it's a bit different. We've all seen him in pre-season and he simply isn't interested so best to let him go.

      In fact I'd even give the club credit in terms of the Berba fiasco. They've held out and pushed Manure to the wire in terms of time frame and in so doing have forced their hand to pay top dollar if the rumours are correct. Let's face it, they could have given in and just thought 'let him go' for £20m much earlier in the summer.

    • 6 of one half a dozen of the other mate.

      Take Keane, been here 6 years, didn't win anything worth talking about, no CL football and was better than most of the rest of the team as a whole. Gets offered CL football with the team he supports and a pay rise with a team that matches his own ability. Don’t blame him for going.

      Carrick was good business and he was not happy here.

      Berba, same as Keano really, if we had got CL this year him and Keane would no doubt still be on our books without.
      BUT we didn't and we all know he outshines the rest of the squad when he wants to so who can blame him for wanting to play with a team that matches his ability, Spurs have proved NOT to be top 4 contenders in the time he has been here why would he want to wallow around mid table for the rest of his carrier?

      I think we do have the team now to really push for a decent spot this coming season, but I've said that the last few years as well lol

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      • So we were a bad plate of lasgne away from the CL a scant 3 years ago (the year before that was the goal that wasn't by Mendes...those 3 points would have put us in the UEFA (don't quote me on that)...point is, we were close (I know, but no cigar), close enough however to give those so-called stars hope that with a bit of tweaking maybe we could crash the top 4 party. I don't think it's becasue they were head and shoulders above the rest of the team in ability...and if they are, it's still a team isn't it...one man can't go it alone.
        No...what it is is the disconnect that you see in all of football...the disconnect between the players and the history of the teams they play for, of knowing who the traditional rivals are. The minute a player coming from somewhere else is branded as star material, their agent (and them) are looking for the quick route to glory and the bigger money. I've said it before, where is the real acvievement in that...going and being a medium, sized fish in a huge pond of big fish, playing a limited role, surely there's more glory in being the big fish who makes the smaller fish around him better, makes his team over achieve if you will...and take down those teams at the top, and win some trophies while you're at it...now that's GLORY!.

        I understand your anger...probably more frustration than anything (but you'd know better than me)...we seem to be spinning our wheels and you wonder will we ever have a settled team (well I do anyway).

        A mate of mine was over here visiting and he's a Spud, but he says he's just gonna jack it all in and become neutral, if he pays attention to football at all. Frustration. I see the business sense to the business model, but for a fan it's like a constant, never-ending tease, at some point a person is going to leave (we can't demand the real thing like some of the players can).

        I don't know where to direct my frustration either. I do have hope for the coming season, its not like the head office hasn't at least made it look like they're trying to please their fans by putting the team in a position to succeed, but we all kow that success takes time, so we'd have to be dead-lucky (particulalry with injuries) to achieve our lofty goals (and to those naysayers from other boards, don't kid yourself, our team are going for the gusto, the manager is puttting his reputation on the line, and the players will follow [he's gotten rid of those that won't or can't]), so it isn't about us not having a winning attitude and have objectives higher than beating the scum, we have big goals (that's how they'll look too when Darren Bent is banging them in from all angles...yeah, I said Darren Bent!

        The season is almost upon us...