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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Aug 14, 2008 17:59 Flag

    angry but not sure with who??

    I don't think they will have been told anything specific, but it's not like their transfers have been discreet is it?

    My opinions on these things and who I'm angry with:

    Carrick - for a long time it was him, but I believe what I read in the papers about Levy's contract negotiation cock ups there and how it was behind Jol's back whilst he was getting his new contract, so I'm trying hard to forgive him and I solely blame club.

    Berbatov - it's always been clear he's not been happy here - not unhappy maybe, but not happy, not settled - and I think he's served us well (I don't think he's all that sulky generally, I just think it's how he comes across), so I'm happy for him to go and would welcome him back if it happened. If I was to blame anybody, it would be club because I don't think he should be sold domestically (why get him at his best and then give him to direct competitors??)

    Keane - player. Player player player. All this stuff about him being a Liverpool fan is rubbish, Saarf pointed out that he was a childhood Celtic fan and I did a little research, everything I found dated before May this year said Celtic fan, everything after said Liverpool - his agent's been doing his background work and very well too. He's lied and connived and it makes me wonder if he's just been waiting for this chance all along. Don't get me wrong, I think he's enjoyed being at Spurs, but I think now he might realise he wasn't such a big fish in a little pond.

    I've also been horribly disillusioned, I'm not convinced that the 'Ramos Revolution' is anymore than doing a Chelski & buying in the team the board would like to have (I'm not sure it's the team I want to have), but to be honest, it's the beginning of the season, how can you not get excited and fully behind the club?!?

    Go on the lillywhites! Let's have a triple please!