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  • David N David N Aug 17, 2008 14:55 Flag

    We Need to Play as if each game counts!

    For cying out loud!!!!! 2:1 Sigh....

    Why is it that to me at least, that Ramos somehow believed that the game was in bag? Look at the selection!

    Have we not learn from experience? We were like a sieve last season!

    Playing catch up is not something we are good at! We are not the last second wonder goal team.

    Also, what on earth was going on on the left - and no substitution until it was too late? Let me not start with the Berbs on the bench and substitution..

    King, Hutton, Bale along with Woody must be in there in some sort of selection. Dawson.. well

    I really do not know what they see in Jenas?

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    • your problem at the moment is berbatov, and MOTD pundits said last night, i think he,s disrupting the team. he should either say he is committed, or go now. some speculations are saying he really wants to go now. hes not loyal to your club, and while he is still there, doubts will creep in and your team just wont play as good i feel. but if he goes will your manager get a replacement that quick or will he just use what he has got.

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      • i agree about this whole berbs situation. Seems very unprofessional from all quarters to have players wanting out on the first game of the season.

        Clubs should be focussed on only one thing come match day and we have had more than pre-season to sort it out. Its not hard. Talk to Berbs if he wants to go, SELL HIM!

        Communication is key and the club MUST know what he wants depsite all the speculation. The team is more important than a single player. Im pissed off that we have let this go on and effect what should be a clean slate in sense of a new season putting last year behind us.

        Things like the JOL saga and berbs/keane cannot be dealt with in this manner. look at Manu that sorted Ronaldo out before kickoff done and dusted until the end of season enough said>

        Damn Im PI**ED off for the rest of the team.