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  • sparrow sparrow Aug 18, 2008 07:50 Flag

    Same old, same old

    Could not believe my eyes on Saturday. As in the past there was a total disconnect between defence and midfield. Defence was left exposed and it was all too easy for the opposition. To start the season by shipping two goals yet again shows that despite the money spent the club has learned nothing.

    These fancy dans think all they have to do to get into the top four is turn up, put in half a shift and somebody will hand them a top four spot.

    I've seen schoolboy teams defend better than Spurs. What are the coaches thinking? Pathetic.

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    • i was suprised with ramos picking the team he did. ok he dropped king for disciplinary reasons, but no bale, he put lennon on the left and played dos santos up front. no wonder we lost. dos santos plays on the left, we dont play lennon and bentley in the same team. two strikers up front to be supplied by dos santos, modric, and bentley. that is the line up that has been winning pre season so he goes and turns it all upside down for our first premeir game. ramos needs to sort it out because the fans will not tolerate a league campaign like last year.

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      • safe to say any spurs fan was disappointed with what we saw last saturday, the line-up seemed not to benefit our players attributes at all, and the defence...... well looked just like last year, that would be non-existant. lets hope it is not another one of those years, i truly believe spurs have the squad to compete, maybe not for a top 4 spot just yet, but surely a spot to get us back into europe. must win at home vs sunderland this weekend

    • Ramos better than Jol? - I don't think so!

      You boys got short changed

    • This is what I always said...you guys got so many good players yet still lose to average team...same as ours...

    • I agree, but you can't really afford to be too judgemental after just one game. Let's see what we can do on our own patch before condemning the team.

      Don't forget this is also the second successive season where the EPL fixture computer has given us a trip to the North East on the first day of the season - teams like Ar5ena1, Chavski & Manure have been given relatively easy home fixtures ( on paper ) on the opening day of the season yet again.

      After our impressive pre-season, every team will want to beat us but we have seen enough to realise that we will have enough strength to improve on last year's 11th place finish.