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  • Here we go again.

    Our best 2 left sided players Bale & O'Hara on the bench.

    Playing with 1 recognised striker who struggled last season and it was no suprise that he did the same against an average boro' side.

    Jenas as captain...... defies belief.

    Started with 4 strikers last season, this season we start with the 'jury's out' one as Berbat-off doesn't really count as he is on his way. (I bet Defoe can't believe whats happened - he surely would have stayed).

    There appears to be no definative targets to bring in, we keep chasing shadows i.e. Arshevin & Villa.

    Unless at least one left sided midfielder, a centre back and 2 high quality strikers are brought in quickly we can kiss goodbye to this season.

    A good ball winning midfielder who can pass and shoot on target would be an immediate improvement on Zokora.

    With about 9 shopping days to go, it looks bleak or just simply another season of seeing right footed players on the left. Ramos needs to get balance and not fall in the same trap that has been a problem for recent Spurs managers.

    5 - 0 against Roma who were more intent on enjoying the London sunshine was a false illusion for the battle against an average team like boro'.


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    • You really do paint a bleak picture Harry, but I find it difficult to disagree with you. While I would like to consider myself as ever an optimist, I can't begin to wonder what our next move in the transfer market is going to be.

      I suppose we have to look at the bigger picture and realise that team building does take some time to get the perfect blend of players, but it can be very frustrating for those that follow the team week in, week out.

      The final day transfer window can throw up a few surprise's ( good & bad ) so who knows we may yet get Villa & Arshavin.

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      • I think Alex Ferguson's is an ars.

        With all the money they have, why dont they just pay up 25m which would be a half way point.

        Man U are clearly needing a forward, and we badly need to get rid of this guy.

        Why are these players suddenly having "dreams" about playing for other clubs?

        I would like Berbatov to go abroad. If he goes to Man U, I hope he breaks a leg in more than 3 places and can never play again. It is a shame, as I like watching him. But that is how I feel.

        I was'nt really cut up by Keane going, but Berbatov is acting like a kid, and it pisses me off. Especially when our clubs performance is affected.