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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Aug 19, 2008 16:48 Flag

    Please explain

    From what I understand (they were showing the game in India and my brother was texting me blow by blow updates!) on Sat Berbs was actually really professional and played really well when he was brought on. He's being a whinger and he's possibly got a negative affect on the dressing room (although I can't imagine the impact of this being anywhere near as bad as the impact of Keane), but


    And I think that's why it's so protracted. Well, that and because Sir Al's said before the United board hate dealing with the Spurs board because they think themselves a lot more broadly knowledgeable than they are, which I can imagine makes for fun negotiations!

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    • Thanks not_blonde - I for one am pleased that when push came to shove Berba played professionally. After all, football is his job and he should be doing his best wherever possible and definitely when it counts, ie in a league/cup match.

      However, I reckon JR should have played him from the start and then subbed him if he didn't pull his weight - might have made a difference.

      I also feel that we hold the upper hand in this whole protracted will-he-won't-he move saga. It would be downright foolish if not utter madness to let our 3rd striker go when we don't need to, despite his sulky attitude, especially as there's no realistic prospect of replacing him in the not too distant future despite all the hype of Arshavin.

      Talking of Ashavin, anyone notice a similarity with Berba? Still, we should be grateful at least that Berba hasn't gone on strike, which I believe shows Arshavin in extremely bad light.

      Why oh why did we sell Defoe? He must be laughing all the way to the bank (although I have a sneaking suspicion he'll be feeling sorry for us too).

    • I say keep him til Man U cough up the market value. Berbs will have to start putting in some decent performances for us, he can't afford for Manu or Barca to forget how good he is.
      Make him and Man U sweat.