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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Aug 19, 2008 23:25 Flag

    So It Was King's Fault???

    Out for a piss-up, gets dropped to the bench (disciplinary move) in comes Dawson for cover, and there goes the game (not blaming Dawson alone, but...). Maybe King needs his head scoped, not his knee!

    BAE won is place in pre-season for better or for worse, maybe Bale needs to brought on slowly to make sure he's fully over his injury. I can see both of them playing at the home game (one a fullback and the other at left midfield).

    King will be playing w/ Woodgate (or Dawson, depending on whether or not Woodgate actually plays for England...not a problem, Dawson seems to play well with King on the pitch.

    Gilberto should get a start at right back (just how bad is Hutton's injury, hope it's not another Bale job?). Gunter on the bench

    Huddlestone in the holding role, with Modirc up ahead of him
    Bently on the right and dos Santos on the left.

    You can then either play Jenas in a free roaming role and one forward, or play two up front (we are at home after all). (Lennon on the bench)

    Front line: 2 man - Berbs and Bent with Pekhart on the bench. or if one man...well, we know Berbs would be the man, but would he put out the effort? Bent likes to play off another front man, though he did have his best seasons at Charlton as the lone striker...I see him as a more direct player not as a hold up player (which you need to be whent there's no where else to go).

    So, let's keep King out of the clubs on a school night and get out of him whatever we can (he's got to be rusty though) and let's play players in their best positions.

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