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  • Nick Nick Aug 21, 2008 16:05 Flag

    Berbatov signs "Man U" shirt

    What a complete setup load of rubbish by The Sun.

    Never mind the fact Bulgaria played in a red shirt just like the one he is signing the night before and there are no Man U logo's on display for the camera or Barba to see on the shirt.

    Really wish papers would stop all this BS

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    • the sun have been the main paper pushing the berba move, i reckon fergie has a contact there, it's quite funny to watch as they are getting more and more hysterical as the window closure edges nearer. they just cannot except that they are not gonna get their man. unless we see spurs sign a striker berba will not be leaving. everything else is bullshit.

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      • Wheather he signs a manc shirt or not, he still wants to leave anyway. I just wish they would just get rid of him and we can all put this saga to bed. I'm a spurs fan and i just want them to get rid now and hurry up and bring someone in who wants to play football at spurs and preferably someone who is willing to honour his contract. It's plain to see he does'nt want to play for us anymore, so grab the £25m and give yourself enough time to replace him before the transfer market closes, otherwise we might end up selling him and not having time to replace him.

    • Berbatov's issue is far becoming an obsession, with all tabloids claiming one thing or the other on an hourly basis.

      Let "Sun" publish the claimed photograph of Berb signing a ManU shirt!
      They simply can't.

      These false stories are creating unecessary "Bad Blood" for Berb with Spurs Fans, and can seriously undermine his determination to play for the club - should a move not be possible this summer.

      Shame on you - Tabloids!

    • you're right, I just looked at the pic and it doesn't look like a united shirt to me - it's got a big white collar which they don't.

      What a load of trash that paper is.

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      • I reckon he was ambushed to get a provocative picture - don't you think it's more than coincidental that a Manure fan was at Sofia airport when Berba was on his way to the Bulgaria away match? He may have thought he was signing a Bulgarian away shirt (which is red), especially if you look at the way the shirt is being held seemingly to hide the Manure logo. Anyone know if the signature on the shirt (via the slideshow) is actually Berba's?

        Not_blonde - I think the white collar is actually a hat which the "fan" is holding.