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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Aug 21, 2008 16:57 Flag

    Berbatov signs "Man U" shirt

    you're right, I just looked at the pic and it doesn't look like a united shirt to me - it's got a big white collar which they don't.

    What a load of trash that paper is.

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    • I reckon he was ambushed to get a provocative picture - don't you think it's more than coincidental that a Manure fan was at Sofia airport when Berba was on his way to the Bulgaria away match? He may have thought he was signing a Bulgarian away shirt (which is red), especially if you look at the way the shirt is being held seemingly to hide the Manure logo. Anyone know if the signature on the shirt (via the slideshow) is actually Berba's?

      Not_blonde - I think the white collar is actually a hat which the "fan" is holding.