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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Aug 22, 2008 21:32 Flag

    why don't we go for barry

    we probably have...we've gone for just about every other footballer on the planet worth talking about. Besides, the difference is we can't offer CL football both Benitez and Whinger can (well, next season if they go according to form this year)

    • Falir players are all well and good but great teams are built on a great defence and some midfielders who are versatile, i.e. can pass long and short, create and score goals, plus put his foot on the ball to calm things down....not to mention tackling and helping out the defence. Players like Ronaldo and Berbatov would be nothing without these players around them.

      Barry would be a great addition to ANY squad.....But i think your right and he's not looking for a move for a moves sake...he wants Champions League football.