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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Aug 23, 2008 16:15 Flag

    Dawson's problems Continue

    I only saw the highlights, but it seemeed to me some of Dawson's mistakes were errors by Woody that he managed to pass off as someone elses - too many times Middlesborough were on the counter attack and Woody was nowhere to be seen. There were also times when he was miles off his man, leaving Dawson to cover two, which was enough to confuse Dawson's little head. I don't think either of the goals was as a result of one of these, but it worried me that our 'reliable' defender was making basic cock-ups such as these.

    The other thing I noticed was the complete lack of any communication between the defence - what happened to the wonderful back four lines we had last season?? That was the warm up, today's the real match (I'm not feeling confident...)

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    • Not blonde, good couple of points there!!

      But I suppose it's time to focus on the positive's ( if there are any ) rather then the negatives ( lots of those!! ).

      Traditionally, we always do well against the deck-chair attendants at WHL ( sorry, but the Sundeland shirts really do remind me of deck-chair covers ).

      I can't remember when it was the last time that Sunderland beat us at the Lane - but it was quite some time ago. So we have recent history on our side.

      As far as Daws is concerned, i think that Leds will be back today and we will revert to the same team that has seen us do so well in pre-season games.

      I predict a 2-1 win to the lillywhites.

      Bentley & GDS as our scorers!!