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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Aug 24, 2008 00:19 Flag

    Just seen the table ...

    ... and it makes depressing reading. If Pompey stuff Manure tomorrow (please God!) we'll be in 19th place. The only good thing about it will be Manure in 15th place or possibly even lower if City, Wigan and Fulham all win tomorrow.

    I can dream I suppose (sigh) although stranger things have happened.

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    • Glad to see that Fulham did their bit and stuffed the Arse this evening - well done:-))

    • what a sorry lot they are ship out berba to barca not manure..
      but end of the day one man doesnt make a team ,,,bent our best striker what a joke,,,,,,come on totters get your head from up your arses ................................

    • Never mind 4th position on todays showing we'll be lucky to finish 4th from bottom!
      Twelve months ago we had 3 world class and one average striker.
      Once the sulking Bulgarian joins the manure that will leave one average striker days short of the transfer window closing.
      How have the board allowed us to get into this dire situation?

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      • On today's performance frankly we're lucky we're not rock bottom!

        I will never understand why we allowed Defoe to leave in January (especially after he said he wanted to fight for his place in the team). Maybe Levy and Comolli can come up with a plausible explanation (ho hum!). Not sure that we could have done anything about Keano's move - it happened so quickly that we were effectively powerless to stop it and the board took the cowardly option of withdrawing their complaint about tapping up merely because the Scousers agreed to pay money to our charity *. The whole thing sucks.

        With the Berba scenario going on since Jan 07 when Manure first showed interest, we should either have done a SAF and told him to forget it or got shot straight away to a European club. Until recently I have been on Berba's side and feel it would be a disaster if he left for Manure (and marginally less if he went to Europe). However, the events of the past 2 weeks have changed my mind. We're now left with very little option up front - with one striker who clearly doesn't want to play for us and has a negative influence on the dressing room, and another who pre-season was the best thing since sliced bread but suddenly doesn't come up with the goods. How can such a good pre-season translate to the dire performances of the past 2 Saturdays?

        Oh the joys of being a Spurs supporter.

        * Talking of tapping up, anyone know what the result was of our official compaint about Manure and their tapping up of Berba?

    • you could be bottom of the table come next week. you have to beat chelsea away. i doubt if your get any points at the bridge. i did say weeks ago your get 3 to 4 points out of your first 5 games . i cant see you ever getting 4th spot this way. ok its only the first few games you say, but you could be playing catch up all season like last year. dont forget you have arsenal chelsea man utd and liverpool home and away, and i did say as well out of these 8 games your get less than 8 points out of 24 .