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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Aug 24, 2008 22:20 Flag

    Berbatov's Dream - another perspective!!

    Thanks Nick, always nice to get a constructive view from someone who's not stupidly biased like us!

    Here's a scary question that I wonder if a few people have thought but not wanted to say: can we recover from this? This season I mean.

    As this article said, with our star strikeforce we looked like potential CL contenders (although I still don't think Ramos is or will ever be PL material, but that's another debate), but without them where are we? We've got a shipped in patchwork side who don't know each other or how to play together yet, and you can't have a team without some sort of morale. Are Keane and Berbs just filthy, diseased rats leaving the sinking ship?

    I do think there's a whole lot going on behind the scenes that's kickstarted this, but I can't see any way it'll settle this season. There's also no part of the side that I have complete confidence in - the defence is at best leaky, the midfield is full of great players individually but I'm not sure as a group, and the less said about our forwards the better. Rights and wrongs and blame all aside, do you actually see it as salvagable?

    This is a bit deep & depressing but I'm horribly hungover!