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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 24, 2008 14:27 Flag

    Berbatov's Dream - another perspective!!

    I have just read the following in the mail on Sunday..


    Just goes to show what a right little toe-rag Berbs is.. sooner we're rid of him the better!!

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    • Thanks Mike - hadn't seen this.

      I'm rapidly revising my opinion of Berba - until now I was desperate for him to stay and help Spurs achieve CL footie. But after reading this, and hearing other stories about him, we should get shot of him pronto, preferably to a European club and NOT to one of our PL rivals.

      You've got to hand it to Piers Morgan though - he may be a gooner but he hits the spot exactly about money-grabbing prima donna footballers and their pursuit of financial not football glory.

    • he should be ashamed of himself not wanting to play yesterday a total disgrace good ridance hope he has a shite career with manure.

      Ramos needs to pull his finger out of his backside and fast and get a couple of strikers in the season is starting to look over after 2 games

    • You lot need to get rid of berbs as his heart is in manchester imo!
      he is having a negative affect in your dressing room
      sell him and move on you should have enough quality to be ok.
      although he is a great player no one is bigger than the CLUB!

      from a hammer.


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      • Thanks Nick, always nice to get a constructive view from someone who's not stupidly biased like us!

        Here's a scary question that I wonder if a few people have thought but not wanted to say: can we recover from this? This season I mean.

        As this article said, with our star strikeforce we looked like potential CL contenders (although I still don't think Ramos is or will ever be PL material, but that's another debate), but without them where are we? We've got a shipped in patchwork side who don't know each other or how to play together yet, and you can't have a team without some sort of morale. Are Keane and Berbs just filthy, diseased rats leaving the sinking ship?

        I do think there's a whole lot going on behind the scenes that's kickstarted this, but I can't see any way it'll settle this season. There's also no part of the side that I have complete confidence in - the defence is at best leaky, the midfield is full of great players individually but I'm not sure as a group, and the less said about our forwards the better. Rights and wrongs and blame all aside, do you actually see it as salvagable?

        This is a bit deep & depressing but I'm horribly hungover!