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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Aug 24, 2008 22:41 Flag

    Has the whole of WHL gone mad??


    We've got 2 first team strikers currently at the club, one's leaving in the next week (no two ways about it) and the other's been our last resort for ages, so what to Spurs do? Decide to send the star striker of the reserve team out on loan! It's absolute ridiculousness.

    I really think we should get the ground testing for a carbon monoxide leak or something, that can do funny things to your brain and I can't think what else it could be.

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    • I think you're slightly out there. Last season we had two top strikers whose goalscoring stopped us from being in the relegation zone.

      The board is absolutely stuffed here - they blame everyone else for tapping up - how can they do that after what they did with Martin Jol/Wendy Ramos? And don't they see, that the current mess is a direct result of those actions last season?

    • i just cant see things getting amy better for a while. all that money and naff all. this striker situation is getting silly now as well. only bent upfront , if some one isnt bought in soon thigs are gonna go the same as last year.

      oh and please dont let it be heskey i beg u spurs not him.

    • must agree, we knew one striker was off, the other was a suprise, but they must have a new signing lined up.
      you need at least three/four fowards to compete up the top, why don't we play some reserve/youth players , why do clubs have a reserve/youth team????

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      • The problem is that with only 1 week until the transfer window closes any new strikers coming in could either be a panic buy or won't gel with the current squad quickly enough to make any significant impact - unless we're extremely lucky.

        I can't believe we've left it as late as this to bring in another striker (or two!) so maybe there are hush hush negotiations going on that haven't made it to the rumour mill, especially given the fact we've been linked with the world and his wife since Keano left.

        We can but live in hope.

    • it's ok i heard a rumour that jimmy greaves and garth crooks are going to fill in till the next transfer window! seriously though i think we must have been trying to identify replacements before letting the sulky pratt go, i think when he does go we will see two new strikers come in and personally i can't wait to see the back of him after the way he has behaved, arshavin, villa and a decent commanding centre back will do nicely, have to hurry though.

    • Totally agree with you not_blonde - what on earth are they thinking about?

      Ramos should at least play him in a PL match (even coming on as a sub in the 2nd half) to see if he can cut it. In any case, the time for sending him out to a Championship side was last season so that he could be ready for this season. Pekhart has clearly proved himself in the reserve team matches and in the friendlies so why not allow him to make the step up?