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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Sep 1, 2008 21:00 Flag

    I love transfer deadline day!

    No, it's full time, it's just rubbish and only for two weeks so I'm going to abuse internet privileges! Word's going round about City being a mistake for us as they're one of our nearest competitors for 4th, what do you reckon?

    Personally I think they're still a shard beneath where we should be (and have been in recent seasons), however us losing and them gaining Berbs could make up the difference. Personally though, I think we can cope with them having him without it been too distruptive.

    Apparently they're offering £200,000 a week - I think Mercatov will go for that.

    • If he does go to Citeh it will show his "dream" of playing CL footie was a load of b*££*$ks - as I said in another post, why would he swap UEFA cup footie with us for UEFA cup footie with them? Wouldn't make sense.

      Also, why would we want to sell arguably our best striker to a near rival team - we want CL footie some time soon and if he'd only given us one more season we may well have got it with Pav coming in. Why give Citeh the edge by having him in their strikeforce and possibly pipping us at the post for the final CL place? Again, doesn't make sense.