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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Sep 1, 2008 21:09 Flag

    City or United????

    Hmmm. Unless Spurs insist on it as being the only way to guarantee being paid what we think he's worth, it's highly unlikely he'd go - not least because because Citeh aren't in the Champions League, and we all know his dream is to play CL footie. So there's no reason he'd swap UEFA Cup footie with us for UEFA Cup footie with Citeh.

    I'd still prefer that we sell him abroad than to Manure. So come on all you European CL sides: For sale 1 x extremely talented but somewhat sulky striker, cheap at £30m. Any takers?

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    • !14.50: Lordy lordy! Mark Hughes has just said that Manchester City's bid for Dimitar Berbatov has been accepted! They're paying over £30m for him, and call Revolving Doors crazy but it is starting to believe that this might actually happen!

      OH MY GOD!

      Mind you, obviously Spurs'll accept the bid, it's whether Dimi does.

      That'll be interesting, does he just desperately want out of the Lane?

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      • If he really does want away that much that he feels even the blue side of Manchester is better than staying it'll clearly show that he's thinking about money equally as much and will be just as much of a Judas as Sol Scumbag. Let's just hope he doesn't come out with the oh-so-sincere "I'm grateful to Spurs, I love the club" platitudes once it's all done and dusted.

        He'd still only be playing UEFA Cup footie - so again, bo!!ocks to his dream! On the bright side, he'd be going to sunny Cyprus instead of Poland for the knockout round but if Citeh get knocked out (and given their previous performance against relative no-hopers who knows?) it'll be no more Euro footie this season for Berba - how sad!

      • Bl**dy amazing! If this is true then what a great story! Berba desperate to go to Manchester, Spurs sell him to the wrong team!! I will laugh my nuts off....fantastic!