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  • KURT KURT Sep 2, 2008 09:06 Flag

    Lecy= You bunch of To55ers

    Yeah Fergie is laughing but what choice did we have?

    We couldn't sell to Man City because United 'hijacked' the player to ensure no one else could get to him. If we didn't do the deal and and let Berba rot in the reserves his value would have diminished considerably and we would have sold him in January for £15m tops. Levy has had to drop the official complaint to make sure the deal went through and you can gaurantee United dragged their heels all day to ensure we couldn't spend the money on another transfer before the deadline.

    It's the FA that lack balls - they should take action over United's behaviour regardless of whether there's a complaint in place or not. United have been a disgrace throughout the whole scenario and the footballling world in general should condemn them for what has happened.

    At the end of the day Levy has got good money for a player we are better off without whilst having his hands tied. My only critisicm is that we should have gone out and spent big on a replacement before the deal was finalised although that could have weakened our hand even further.

    The last word between the clubs has not been said on this!

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    • Thanks Kurt. You said it all.
      The next few days will expose the real deal between us and Man u.

      My feeling is that we will decide (after the end of the season) if we want to keep Campbell.

      Levy is not stupid!
      This deal (despite the fact we could've sold to Man City for more money) is still not very clear.

      OK. we made AF pay more that he wished, but I strongly believe we squeezed a lot more from Man U than was reported.