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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Sep 2, 2008 17:49 Flag

    Lecy= You bunch of To55ers

    We were 5th twice in a row after Jol had a transfer window similar to this - you have to clear out and create your own team, even if it means starting at the bottom (unfortunately that's literally where we were a few days ago, but shh!) and getting rid of your 'stars'. Now Ramos has got players mainly of his choosing (God I hope Comolli's learnt his place) he can build a team of his on in a similar way to our last one. Apart from the English backbone, it's much the same - a few old fans favourites, a few fairly big names, a few with things to prove, a few unknown entities who are ready to make an impact...

    If Ramos is given time, and if Levy & Comolli and any other interfering wastes of space in management have finally learnt to back off, it could be that this is the proper new dawn. I don't rate Ramos, I've made that clear before, but regardless I'd like to see him in place for an absolute minimum of 4 years before he's judged. Even if he gets us relegated in that time... ok, maybe not relegated... but we're gonna get nowhere with this stupid turnover rate, because every manager needs to start again.

    9 players in, & 14 out, not to mention last January - that's ridiculous numbers!

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    • Very true NBR - now is the time for consolidation and a long period of continuity. I'm pleased that all this transfer nonsense is over and we have finally got rid of Berba-the-Baby. I have to admit I am still in mourning for the passing of Robbie and hate seeing him in a red shirt. Although I admire him as a player I really want to see him continue to fail up at Mersyside!
      But back to the point, I hope that Ramos can drive us forward now. Like you I have my doubts about him, but I hope that Levy & Co can leave him in place for a few seasons so he do his best to build a winning side. We shall see!!!