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    what makes me sick is....

    we were in the driving seat but somehow it went pear shaped.....we agreed to man city's offer but berba goers to man u without prmission....time is ticking away so at the end we didn't have time to get quality replacements....levy was squeezed into letting judas boy go to man u because of the deadline....so instead of villa,milito,capel,huntelaar,,arshavin we got campbell....big deal......levy should have done the deal ages ago so we could havebought quality( with time to play the field)....but he is basically like sugar and scholar....a money man....not a football man who puts in the money and lets the manager manage....i am angry....you have to ask yourself....could we have acquired better players?

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    • being a neutral here, i would have to say yes, spurs knew they could get 28 mil for berbatov weeks ago. you could have even bought the striker you wanted, knowing berbatov would have been going by 1 st september. if you look at the deal. man utd controled it, not spurs. it seems to me utd put pressure on your board right at the end. it would have been better for spurs to just made a deal with the right striker a week ago. and then sold berbatove knowing surs were in control.

    • do you really believe that the mancs could be so stupid as to talk to smiler without permission at that late stage? of course not, as blonde says we strung them out and got what we wanted 30+mill, as for replacements, i really believe that jr is happy with what we've now got, simple ;-)

    • its hard to sum up how i feel about it all. one one hand im pissed cos we lost our best 2 strikers . but not just our best but the best combo up front in the premier league for years. now we have 3 strikers 1 russian who will have a lot to prove , bd who was shit last year and campbell who is a kid still. so weve had the best now we have something that might work but then again might not.

      and in the other hand we did some great business on keane and berba. making over 45 mill on them, this keeps the club finacially sound and room for more signings in jan if we need it.

      well if we dont do well this year i think a clear out is needed and i dont mean the players. the only one i would keep if we dont succeed is poyet make him manager with a free liecense to run the club.

    • wasn't rooney a kid(still is), ronaldo, gazza, ledders etc etc etc, in todays game the players are getting younger, fact, that's what makes the game so fast now, not saying i agree with it all, but think about it for a minute, yep i'm miffed at losing smiler and keano but life goes on, others come in and do a job, we're 3 games in to the season let's now see what happens, just my opinion for what it's worth ;-)

    • 'talk to smiler at such a late stage'...berlin, I didn't get your remark.

      And blonde, I stand corrected; but if it was Levy making SAF squirm, wouldn't that be a bit like cutting off your nose to spite your face? Unless of course there was no intention of turning that money around and buying someone else before the window shut.
      (My opinion only)

    • That's what I mean - I don't think there was any intention of getting another striker in, he knew full well Berb would be gone for between 20 and 30 mil yest, there was no need to wait for him to go. I suspect it may be that having 4 strikers posed a problem before, and Ramos may be going for the lone forward (we'll have to see), but I also think there's an eye on getting Owen in January.

      Just an opinion, and who knows whether or not I'm right, but I wouldn't be surprised.

    • all the above burst onto the scene and were stars very young. i think campbell is a good player but 1 of the above he is not , otherwise he would never have been shipped out to us,

    • JR's happy with what we got, simple...he's happy with the Berbatov saga being over, I know that much...but I doubt that any manager is happy with losing their best player...and not having anyone anywhere near his quality in to replace...no, I don't think its "simple" mate, I honestly don't (and I know you winked at that, so maybe i should just shut it and move on :-)

      Well, at least the books are in the black ;-)