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  • Nick Nick Sep 2, 2008 17:55 Flag

    I dont blame Berbatov

    Who of us in our daily jobs if approached by a better company for a better job, more money, more perks, and better conditions doing the job we always wanted would turn it down?

    Answer is VERY few of us!

    And how many of us would get the hump because our current employer would not let us go to our new job!

    Answer is pretty much All of us!

    As far as I see it this is the Berbatov saga in a nutshell.

    I'm gutted he has gone, and so are most of the Spurs fans, purely cos we know how good he is.
    Hence the anger towards him and fergie. And we can all stop the bollocs about its the way the deal was done that we are upset about, we all know that’s rubbish. Its loosing the best player on the pitch that stinks. But again, why should he stay to prop up an under achieving side for another few seasons? I know I wouldn't, I'd want to be playing in a team with the same quality as my own.

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    • Thanks John - had a quick scan but my brain's a bit fried after a long drive to/from Nottingham this w/end so will read it properly tomorrow.

      Hope you enjoyed your non-league game yesterday - no doubt it was far more exciting than England v Andorra (which I thankfully wasn't able to watch on terrestrial TV!).

    • I get your point, Kentish, but it is just sort of banter between me and my mate who supports Leeds! Anyway, as you are one of the more interesting people on these boards, rather than our Prawns, this might give you something to think about:


      I am off to watch my little non-league team that carries on our traditions! We're playing Eastwood - I wonder if they will have any songs about DH lawrence?

    • Not greatly keen on Scum as a name, regardless of who it applies to.

      The Munich tag was very below the belt, but as I said some of the posters on these boards are pure hate and don't really care what they say or who they offend - sad fact of life but doubt it'll ever change.

    • Cheers Kentish, I don't have that much of a problem with the ManUre thing, I just prefer it when my mate from Rochdale who is a Leeds calls me "Scum"! Weirdly Liverpool, Everton, and City fans seem to have recently dropped their favoured term for us "Munichs" of late (at least in public, anyway!).

    • Thanks John - I recall reading about it now but dismissed it in the (sadly misplaced) hope that Spurs would stand firm and Berba would stay loyal.

      I believe those of us who love our clubs should be critical where appropriate, but some of the posters on the various boards are so full of hatred it's unbelievable. Those are the type of people no club wants to see - whether Premiership, non-league or anywhere in between.

      Cheers re LUHG - maybe we should have something similar for Comolli and post them all over the Seven Sisters Road!

      We Spurs fans have to hope that somebody decides to bite the bullet and make the complaint, as I can't see Levy doing it given the cave-in over the FA tapping up complaint, but whoever it is they need to have a lot of dosh or be supported by somebody very rich to make it stick - should we start a Fighting Fund? I suppose if there were incontrovertible evidence then the LMA/FA couldn't ignore it.

      Sorry about the Manure name - it's force of habit on this board but somewhat appropriate given the circumstances. It's more aimed at the club rather that the supporters, although given my earlier comments some fans of your club deserve the moniker!

    • Here you go Kentish, this should amuse you, and let's scratch our heads and wonder who planted this story!!!!!


    • Cheers Kentish, I love the club I support, but that does not stop being being critical of things that I feel go against the traditions of the club. I know it is dewy-eyed and romantic, but there you go. As for Ferguson's comments in The Sun here you go:


      LUHG is Love United - Hate Glazer. Every lampost where I live in Manchester has one of their stickers!

      I am wondering whether anybody can make a complaint to the LMA as SAF is clearly in breach? Could be interesting if a member of the public took action, as a United fan did against the Glazers ACS at United.

      I know you might call me a ManUre fan or whatever, but even though I love the club I support, I love football, and feel I must sometimes speak out.

    • Thanks John. I read your post on the Manure board about the limited transfer kitty SAF was given this window. As I said before, hopefully Levy will have insisted on the transfer fee up front and not on tick.

      Enjoy watching non-league footie - at least you won't be paying over-inflated ticket/food&drink prices, and the supporters will be genuine.

      Re LMA Clause 2 - I've not seen SAF's comments in the Sun, do you have a link? Do Spurs have to make the complaint officially or can anyone do it? Have to say it would have been interesting to see how Manure would have reacted if Levy had pursued the tapping up complaint against them - potential points deduction, massive fine and a transfer ban. Hmm, sounds like fun!

      What's LHUG - assume it's an acronym for the anti-Glazer supporters club or something. Interesting about the Nike shop.

    • Good reply, Kentish. As to how United will pay for Berbatov, I think the Glazer tactic is to negotiate the most favourable credit terms ever seen in the history of football. I had argued on the United board, due to information I had received here in Manchester at clandestine anti-Glazer meetings in dingy South Manc pubs, that Glazer had given Ferguson only 20M to spend (perfectly reasonable amount for a club that had just won the EPL & the CL!!!), and that to buy Berbatov United would need to bring the extra in from sales, or throw Campbell in with the deal. Ferguson sold Pique to Barca, Eagles to Burnley, Silvestre to Arse, etc) and by my reckoning that would have given Ferguson around 26 0r 27M to spend, and clearly we didn't have the readies to equal City's offer, but we appear to have forced Spurs to sell to us, and the kidnapping of Berbatov was the most astonishing thing I have ever seen in my life!

      Anyway, I will be going to watch FC United of Manchester and saturday against Eastwood Town as that is where those who believe in the Busby tradition tend to go nowadays. I still love MUFC, the club I was born into, but it seems to get more tarnished by the day.

      The reason I brought up the LMA was that Clause 2 states:

      A manager shall not take any steps (including the making of statements to the media) to induce or which are intended to induce any player or other employee employed by another club to act in breach of the terms of his contract with that other club."

      Clearly Ferguson's comments in The Sun demonstrate he was in breach of this rule. I know he has denied making the comments about Berbatov to The Sun, but given that Ferguson in his own autobiography has claimed that his "legal department" scrutinize every word written about him, surely we should have seen The Sun apologizing over this and printing a retraction, except for the glaringly obvious fact that Ferguson actually did say those things to The Sun.

      In many ways, I think Ferguson simply had to complete this deal to sustain his own myth that he always gets his man. But this Don Corleone act with Spurs is pretty hard to take.

      BTW - you might be intrigued to know that the Nike store here in the Arndale centre has been closed down due to anti-Glazer activity by us lot at LUHG! No mention in the media...

    • Yep, I'm disappointed that Berb's left too ... but if he stayed he wouldn't have played anyway.

      As for him joining United, I think that's the best decision for us. After all, we're not gonna be challenging for the title with United and if he went to Man City, then he'd be playing for a team that'd be competing in our section of the league (top 4 at the moment unfortunately).

      Also, United only play 2 strikers generally no matter how good they are. Don't know about you guys, but I'd pick rooney and tevez ahead of him anyway ... cause I think they work harder for the team and still have an edge up front.

      Finally, I doubt we'd have the option to sign F. Cambell at the end of the season. If he was for sale then Fergie would have accepted the 7 million Hull offered for him ... that's a lot of money for a player who is still unproven in the Prem. I think he was more of an offer to stop Spurs making a formal complaint as well as someone to tide us over till Jan till we make some more offers for strikers.

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