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  • Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Sep 2, 2008 19:41 Flag

    Levy Should resign

    i am disgusted that manchester united can do what ever they feel like these days.

    Dont get me wrong im glad judas has gone but how the hell can levy just let that whole situation playout? how can he let a spurs player under contract talk to another club and have a medical without permission?

    i think united knew exactly what they was doing and left the deal right to the last minute so we couldn't get a replacement they already messed the start of our season up by unsettling the judas.

    Levy somehow some way got his pants pulled down and got raped by alex feguson and bribed to keep quiet he is a disgrace he should resign with immediate effect

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    • Comolli just shouldn't be allowed near the press.. or any football club... or in fact out of a locked cell ever again!

      Didn't know that about his buying powers being revoked, although I did think that none of the purchases this summer looked that terrible (not that I know huge amounts about many of them) and wondered what had happened. That IS good news!

      Speaking of summer purchases, I was chatting to a friend who works in one of Manchester's bars that's famous for the footballer clientele, apparently Bentley really was a Gooner as a kid!

      Scandalous ;)

    • Woah, you make it sound like I'm a right disagreeable "effer" (I can be, but not all the time berlinspur). As for Stromboli, yes, I did read where he came out defending his record of the signings he's made...I figured something had precipitated that, but didn't know what...now I know. If Levy "cans" him then he'll will be top bloke in my book.

    • Fergie is definitely the scum of the earth; I think we got a good deal for Berbatov (who is a two faced, hypocritical, whiny, big girls blouse); while he may have class and style on the field, as a man he is lacking in both and has zero integrity - I hope he reaps just rewards for his behavior; and I agree with an earlier post - we have gotten rid of the bad apple that could spoil the whole barrel, and now have a settled team. As someone else has already said - let's look forward rather than back - our season can only get better now. COYS

    • sorry have to disagree, i don't think levy messed up at all, he got almost 32mill for a 28yr old sulk machine, in my book that's good business, also campbell(i hate that name ;-)), is a good prospect, rated at 7+mill, so not all doom and gloom, and let's not forget, if a player is unhappy it causes all sorts of grief with the rest of the squad, so best to get shot of imo, what's the point in trying to prove a point and lose out on a player and 30+mill, plus lose the players morale at the behind the scenes carry on ;-)

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      • Here I go again...
        Berlin, i don't think he (or she...forget who already) was questioning the money we got for Berbatov, more the fact that we didn't have time to get another player in with that money.

        Yes, it's good to be shot of Berbatov at this point, we should have a bunch of happy little campers in the dressing room now, but do you think that by buying a utility man like Corluka that we really (or should I say, fully) addressed our needs? Give me a position specialist any day of the week (but I guess when Zokora got the new deal JR probably made his mind up about the DM position).

        And..(anybody)...did we really accept a 34mil bid from citeh prior to selling (out) to Manure (I was away all day yesterday so I've only picked up scraps of what went on yesterday). if we did, how was it scuppered?
        Cheers all

    • Do you know that the medical was without Spur's permission? I don't know when they officially agreed it, but I wouldn't be surprised if Levy packed Berb's bag for him. I like to think it was all hard done by, but in reality I reckon he gave him permission because he was going there all along.

      (by the way, I didn't go to Old Trafford last night after all; as fun as it seemed, I've got a little bit more pride than Berb-spotting through tinted windows!)