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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Sep 3, 2008 00:48 Flag

    Levy Should resign

    Alright Berlin, we get it, you're fully aware of the timescale involved!


    And Rambr0, it seems we accepted a bid from city, but the amount it was for keeps decreasing the more time passes! They never met with Berb, but I'm not convinced that we'd not accepted - in principle - making a deal with Man U by that point too.

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    • Im sure we expected Berbs to go by yesterday. If we let it go till jan we would get 15mil max.

      So in my opinion we knew we had to get a striker. Maybe JR is happy with what we got I.E Pav and bent.

      However, judging on the loan of Campbell i think we were just unable to attract a suitable striker that JR wanted and instead of mass panic buying of lesser players e.g. Heskey (he he still funny) we forced a loan off manu to cover ourselves till january when we will purchase arse-shavings from zenit.

      P.S is pav unable to play in europe for us?

    • that's right blonde, bully me cos i stutter!!! ;-)