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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Sep 3, 2008 05:50 Flag

    my apologies...

    ok, i,m arsenal through and through and tonight i amused meself with you lot, which was a goddam awful thing to do to yers i know, but yer see me little brother is a spurs lad and its in me bones and heck i was sitting next to him when yer spanked our botts 5-1 and i didnt complain, i sat there and took it on the chin, and gosh it hurt, fairplay to yer lads, yer did well, and i,m resisting diggs at yer here with every word so i hope yer appreciating this.

    i,m sorry, really am, yer dont deserve it.

    yours sincerely
    that twat fabongrass.

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    • p.s.

      I,m especially sorry fer me comments in "the view from the terraces" as they will be up there fer a long while perhaps and i,ve no doubt make fer sorry reading fer you guys, i hope yers can see it in yer hearts to forgive me acting the gooner twat and manage to ignore all postings prior to this.

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      • p.p.s

        heck i even cheered when yers beat that chelsea lot to lift the cup, did yer get me, i cheered the spurs fer crying out loud, lord thass gotta earn me some sort of reprieve, hell i,m red and white through and through, come take a look if yer so wish, and i goes an cheers you lot with a twinkle in me little eye fer yer too and a raise of the old glass to be sure, so dont be too harsh on me, i slipped up tonight and wandered down the wrong path so three hail marys and a bottle ov rum i did bad and i,m already filled with remorse and wont be sleeping well in me bed tonight fer sure...........you guys........yer crack me up, hell i,m weeping a little here i tells yer, sorry once again. x x x