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  • Old Fan Old Fan Sep 4, 2008 00:52 Flag

    Message for Oldfan or anyone else with a memory!!

    O.K. - just for fun, here's a list of the games where we beat the gooners 3-1:

    May 11 1993 (Sheringham, Hendry (2)) - FA Prem
    April 14 1991 (Gascoigne, Lineker (2)) - FA Cup S.F.
    August 10, 1987 (Thomas, Allen, Claesen) - Friendly
    April 12, 1982 (Hazard, Crooks (2)) - Div 1
    Nov 22, 1977 (Heffernan, Coates, Duncan) Friendly
    Sept 3, 1966 (Greaves (2), Jones) Div 1
    Oct 10, 1964 (Robertson, Greaves, Saul) Div 1
    Feb 22, 1964 (Jones (2), Greaves (P)) Div 1
    Jan 26, 1963 (Greaves (2), Jones) Friendly
    Oct 12, 1957 (Medwin (2) Smith) Div 1
    Sept 10, 1955 (Stokes (2), Bailey) Div 1
    Jan 31, 1934 (Howe, Evans (2)) Div 1
    Nov 1, 1920 (Grimsdell, Walden, Banks) Charity Cup
    Oct 10, 1904 (Brearley, Woodward (2)) Charity Cup
    Mar 16, 1896 (Hunter, Brown, Gilmer (og)) Friendly

    I'm glad to say I do not remember all of them! Wish I could claim a great memory for most, but I pulled these off of a web site that has just about every stat you could ever want for the Spurs. The home page for the site is:
    I went to the link that is listed as "Topspurs THFC Record by Club" - and then selected "Arsenal" or go directly to:
    as you can see, it's a great site for looking up old stuff about the spurs.
    The web master (Jim Duggan) has done a great job of pulling a huge amount of information together - all kudos to him!
    Hope this helps Mike!

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    • It certainly does old fan, much appreciated!!

      I think it must have been the game played on May 11th 1993. I was there, but ashamably I can only remember certain aspect's of the game ( like the score & the fact that a nice buxom young lady stripped off and run towards us, hotly persued by several Arsenal stewards & the Old Bill ) but could not recall who actually scored for us or on what the actual date of the fixture.

      I guess the years are finally beginning to catch up on me!!