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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 4, 2008 22:30 Flag

    Spurs and fans = Deluded

    You Spurs are fucking deluded or what. I mean i'm no mathematician but the equation above sounds about right to me

    fucking idiots

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    • have you thought about a different name? as im not the only one who thinks its a little derogatory


      Anyway, grass chap, at least Spurs have a 'pot' from last season. you got bugger all mate ;)

    • blimey its an invasion , the cnut's from the rubbish dump in ashburton, you lot have awoken?, its been so quiet in your stadium.

    • oh the fab on grass bit, no mate, it alludes to the fact he plays exceptionally well, on grass, which is what a football pitch is usually made from, oh and yor gooner friends, yeah well they know i,m not a gooner fan, your right, i,m wrong. whatever.how silly can you get?

    • So Fabregas REALLY is on grass. You failed to mention that. hehe

      Your derogatory name gave it away my fake friend.

      If you were a gooner it would be "absolutleyfabregas" or similar, SURELY.

      Yes I'm happy ;), been on the weed aint i, ha harrrr

    • oh dear, ok fella i,m not a gooner, whatever you say, i never went to highbury and havent been to the emirates either, me wardrobe isnt stuffed full of arsenal shirts either, i really dunno wat you are on and what you hope to gain from stating i dont follow arsenal but if it pleases you so be it, in your mind i,m not, there, hope it makes you feel better, lord nose why it would.
      as for liverpool thrashing us, yeah it was 4-2 and they were all over us like the plague, we were totally outplayed in every department and were rubbish. there , happy?

    • two reasons why you are not a gooner. one is that your name. are you saying that febregas smokes grass?? secondly you gooner mcolleagues dont think you are either.

      And yes liverpool thrashed you. you just got two lucky goals. 4-2 wasnt it ;)

    • here you are, i,ve just checked out the results and little old me WAS wrong, we drew with man utd and lost to man utd in the premiership drawing with liverpool twice, beating chelsea once and losing once, thier yer go, i was wrong and i,m man enough to admit it and take it on the chin, gutted.we were shite. still we beat you twice in the league.

    • i havent GOT a history book in front of me and fair play if i,m wrong about beating all three last season so be it, i,ve got a shite memory, i,ll admit it, but i,m pretty bloody certain we done both man utd(at emirates)and chelsea(at emirates) mate, if we didnt manage liverpool well, i,d put that slip up down to the fact that we normally do. as for living in the present, seeing as you,d rather forget the past, both recent and not so, we finished third mate, four points from winning it i believe and led for 90% of the season, and if it wasnt for dodgy senderos we would of won it, as for silverware, fair play, u won a cup, and your shouting about it too, i wont deny you that, but i,d still rather be in our position than yours any day fella and if you reckon you wouldnt want to swap, well, yer fibbing.

    • dunno bout you mate and what you remember following, but i can remember exactly the moment arsenal became my club and yes i was four years old at the most five and yes i have SOLELY been an arsenal fan since then, no chopping and changing for me, even through the don howe era, which if i had changed i dont think anyone would have blamed me.

    • One year old in 1971 eh? that would make you four in 1974!!

      Huh!! If that is so explain this to me!!!!!.

      How can it be that as a four year old you would even know that YOU were a gooner, most four year old's don't even know which team is which!!.

      I know I didn't go to my first Spurs game until I was about 6 years of age - and even then I was still undecided as to what team I was eventually going to support ( my family are all West Ham fan's ) and before you say it, I am 43!! - that would mean i have been supporting Spurs for 37 years - ironically since the 1970-71 season.

      So I suggest YOU think carefully before you compose a response!!

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