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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 5, 2008 19:06 Flag

    Is fabongrass a queer?

    Don't know if anyone else has noticed but everytime fabongrass or whatever the f**k he want's to be known as, finish's a posting on here he keeps on leaving kisses!!

    Is he queer or what, you decide!!!

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    • re arrange these words mate

      C N U T

      do whatever you feel you need to do

    • oh gawd, dunno what your on about either, all i,ve ever done was answer whatever was put to me, and that is everything, without exception, which you lot certainly havent, you choose to hush up whenever you been made to look stupid from what i can see, as for going away, i will be soon, i,m off down the pub, but i,ll be back, just for you!

    • Ahh all of a sudden we're serious... JUST TAKE THE HINT AND GO AWAY.

    • oh by the way, boring boring arsenal, fair play, we did play boring football once, it bought results but i didnt enjoy the football really, it beefs it up a bit when you lift the title a couple of times and the cup winners cup as well as f.a cups and the two penny cup granted, but it WAS boring to watch, like chelsea under mourinho,the fact that you lot hired the arsenal manager that played such a boring game speaks volumes, and he won the twopenny cup for you too and no doubt you cheered!
      as for neutrals thinking spurs play exciting football now, hmmmmm i,m not so sure, you,d have to get thier opinions, most people, including my SPURS supporting brother think you
      had an excellent striker in berbaoff but a well dodgy defence and a shoddy midfield, now berbas gone and your relying on an arsenal reject in bentley to provide the entertainment, which so far he hasnt managed to my mind.To be fair though things are looking up for you lot under ramos, he shows promise and no matter what you think, i actually like an arsenal spurs game to be competetive, there is no other game like it for an arsenal fan and i,m sure you lot too, it can make the hair stand up on your necks, and for that i thank you, great memories and great future games are promised, as much as i deride you lot in here, i,d miss you if spurs dropped a division, although i would laff my tits off as you would expect and i,m sure if it happened to us you would too.yeah i have come on here and wound you lot up and found it entertaining, but i havent lowered myself with silly name calling, just wound you up, thats all, heck i,m a gooner fan and thats what we do and you would remind any arsenal fan constantly if you beat us in the future, to say you wouldnt well, i,d ask where is your passion for spurs if you didnt.

    • But that's the point, goals flying at both ends is what makes them so exciting for a neutral. And by your use of the phrase "hits the nail on the head dont you think?" you insinuate an agreement with the quote and ask for our thoughts on the matter, thus meaning I was right to direct my response to you and not Wenger. In fact, I was doing exactly as requested. Will you do exactly as requested and either attempt genuine discussion to go away?

    • No thanks, I try not to think of you at all, and I know exactly what kind of person I really am, but I have just one question before I ignore you completely.

      Why is it you do not post anything on the Ar5ena1 board - I have been to your board and there are virtually no comments on there from you at all?

      Is it because you are really a "billy no-mates" and no one will respond to your postings on the Ar5ena1 forum - feeling a bit left out are you?

      Anyway in closing, I have not resorted to spamming the Ar5ena1 board with inane comments and even on the rare occasions when I have visted the goons board I alway's have something sensible to say!!

    • i dont find it offensive, but you clearly thought i would, or used it in a derogatory sense, both of which shows what kind of person YOU are, if you wish to think of me as gay, so be it, imagine me sat at my computer as a great big hairy gay boy in rubber playing with a HUGE dildo in a rubber arsenal kit, enjoy! x

    • My god, you really do live in your own insular little world don't you?

      You have commented on me calling people gay as being childish, so I suppose with me using that terminology you must find the comment deeply offensive, as I have already said you are something of an enigma, but I will not even bother trying to figure out what kind of person you really portray yourself to be!!

      Now why don't you borrow a few brain-cells and either write something sensible or kindly f**k off back to your own board!!

    • yes i am , a great big homo, all greased up and ready to go.