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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Sep 11, 2008 13:43 Flag

    Keane v Berbatov ( Scousers v Manure )!!

    It's just a good story line for the press. In reality they like and respect each other, so what's the big deal. 1-1 they both score (NOT!! Torres scores for the scouse, but don't be surprised if Berbatoss scores for Manure).

    BTW why do dislike berbatov more than Keane...just curious

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    • Rambr0,

      You asked why I hate Berb's more then Keane? I hope this explains my reasoning!!

      It must have something to do with Berb's attitude towards Spurs before he left to join Manure - it still rankles me that he went about getting his transfer to Manure in entirely the wrong way!!.

      I think that Keane would have been a little bit more professional in the way he left - so I do not feel as much animosity towards Keane as I do for Berbatov.

      As for the score between Scousers & Manure? 1-1 with neither Keane or Berbs scoring!!

    • I possibly see a goalless draw. If any goals scored I bet a Utd win, and I possibly see Berb scoring (no chance for Keane though), and if so he'll be set up by Rooney.

      A lot of ifs & buts there!