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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Sep 11, 2008 19:08 Flag

    Keane v Berbatov ( Scousers v Manure )!!

    Berba may be a little rusty as Bulgaria didn't play last night, and he's not had the chance to train with any of the Manure team since the move. Keano has had the advantage of being with the Scousers since pre-season despite his goal drought.

    If they'd only stayed with us they probably would have had a handful of goals between them and had us further up the table than 19th - but that's another story!

    I reckon it'll be a boring match, either 0-0 or 1-1 but neither of them to score. I'll probably be completely wrong, but if there has to be a winner I hope it's the Scousers just to get up SAF's nose!

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