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    Lost FW's

    i'm not a tottenham fan but i was watching the boro vs. ports game and i couldnt help but think about the attack force that your club has lost over the last couple of years Mido, Defoe, Berb, and Keane, thats a complete strike force that any big club would love to have from Mido's size, on to keane's smarts, and defoe's quickness. what was your front office thinking?

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    • They were thiking:

      Mido - he is getting fat. Lets gets some good money, we have other forwards.
      Defoe - lets gets some money. We have Keane & Berb, so Defoe is a 3rd wheel.
      Keane - 20m. Good money. He is not worth that amount, so lets get it while we can. We still have our number 1 striker "the Berb".
      Berb - Oh shite. Our superstar striker is bigger than the club.

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      • Mido was fat when we got him...he lost a bunch of weight and all of sudden forgot how to put one foot in front of the other (he's better fat!)...so BLAM! Mido gone

        You're Defoe breakdown...yes, 3rd wheel agreed, the question is, how did he become the third wheel? Keane being a better utility player had a lot to do with that but I have to believe (my opinion) there was an "X" -Factor. Defoe and Keane...as far as a score tally sheet went, couldn't really be separated when Mido was the "Large" of the Little and Large combo that Jol liked to play up front. People with short memories seem to forget that Robbie threatened to leave back in those days. Ultimately it was Defoe's refusal to sign a contract (meaning we didn't want to get rid of him) if there was no guarantee of consisteent 1st team football. (I remember the fan debates at the time..."he should take his chance when he gets it"...I seem to recall him doing that and still getting relegated to the bench the reeason for being on the bench..."he wont sign"...can anyone spell Catch 22?)... So BLAM! Defoe's gone

        The Keane and Berbatov stories are still fresh and need no further mention.

      • Maybe I should wait until after the Villa game before typing this but I have no regrets about any of those mentioned leaving WHL. We got our moneys worth out of most of them.
        All clubs survive the loss of good players and move on (think Van Nistleroy, Henry, Klinsman, Cantona).
        Step up Pav, Bent and Dos Santos......your time is now!

    • Along with Mido and Defoe...even Zamora scored at the weekend! Even Lee Barnard got one down at Southend!!
      So as long as we get 3 points tonight we should all be in clover.