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    different manager- same probs!! but

    i think if we give ramos time and i dont mean a few seasons he will deliver and make us great again. Very bad result tonight as we were well out of sorts and villa looked so organised, quick and determined and looked good as a team even though our team on paper looked world class, i keep on asking myself why we can't play as a unit? huddlestone is well off the pace and i wondered why he wasn't subbed tonight as he offered f all, bale was excellent as usual and gomes saved us countless times before he made the error because nobody is closing down in midfield and defence etc etc etc

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    • Again another defensive disaster. Ever game Dawson plays we lose. Ok so King can't play every game....we had all summer to get a central defender in.....Kaboul would have been a better choice than Dawson had we kept him. Modric was meant to improve the midfield with creative play.....He just got hustled of the ball so may times.

      I can't see us doing anything in Europe....and it should not be our priority......Attacking play is great if you have able defenders but Ramos focus should not be on scoring goals it should be on plugging the leaky defense we have had for the last 15 years.

      4 games in and forget top 4 for another season. We are not a top four side and however much I would like us to be we just need to start with consistency and then worry about moving up the next run of the ladder.

      I think the fans including myself just want success and we need to back off and say fine lets give the lads a chance....Ramos did bring in the Carling cup.......and I say give him back the power of who comes in and he will deliver. I would first and foremost want to see comolli out as ever since he has come in we have gome from bad to worse.

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      • just tread all the messages.yes we were bad and thats due to ramos and co starting with the wrong starting eleven.We need points and should start with the best possible team,bale is definately not a natural left back,corluka looked like a slug,no pace, no skills,a waste of money,bently is no hargreaves,battling for possesion etc,more like a wanna be movie star,dawson only plays well with deadly ledly telling him what to do and bent taking over from Berbatov with waiting for the ball to come to him.Arron lennon and Bale looked like they were trying.Huddlestone needs some real serious training as he just hasnt got the pase you need in midfield.Any spurs fan(40 yrs) would love Ramos job or as assitant and would guarantee a better start to the season and for a lot less money.We need to get on thier case like the Necastle fans.Pray we improve sooner than later.COYS

    • Reo-Coker put Villa's success down to "hard work and determination". That tells you all you need to kow about the fancy dans at Spurs.

      How many times have Spurs let in two goals over the last 12 months? Worst defensive record in the league with the possible exception of Derby last camapaign. That tells you all you need to know about Spurs pathetic defending.

      What I can't understand is the management's inability to get a grip on the constant very self evident defensive frailities.

      Spurs lack both discipline and determination and the work rate of the midfield in particular, in getting back to support the back four is almost criminal.

    • Huddlestone is so lazy, he makes Berbatov look like Theo Walcott.

      Spuds are officially a joke. £50m+ spent on transfers recently, and bottom of the table?

      You will always be the poor cousin down the road.

    • How difficult must it be to play for a manager who seems to have little interest in grasping the language that he is coaching in?