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  • Readie Readie Sep 16, 2008 15:09 Flag

    Going From Bad To Worse

    Some things in life never change. The British summer is always rainy, busses never arrive when you want them to and Tottenham will NEVER overtake Arsenal.

    Bottom of the league and the only Premiership side not to win. Since you won the Carling Cup last season you've gone backwards. Ramos' first and biggest mistake was to let Defoe leave. This lad is a proven goalscorer and scores in virtually every game for Pompey. Then after winning the CC your side basically gave up pushing for a European place and lay down against opposition of the calibre of Birmingham and Newcastle who both put 4 goals past you. This malaise culminated in Keane and Berbatov getting restless and leaving. Then we come to Ramos' buys. A young lad from Barca who looks far too lightweight to survive in the Premiership. The overrated David Bentley who is so arrogant he thinks he's a worldbeater even though his performances are to the contrary. Then he brings in Pavlyuchenko who will more than likely flop as Russian players never play well outside their own country.

    Is it any surprise you're struggling? The board should have stuck by Jol who (lets face it) has been your best manager in the last 10 years. Again your club has shot itself in the foot.

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