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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Sep 16, 2008 17:53 Flag


    I just wrote an enormous detailed analysis of the last night's game and the team, and then accidentally lost it! Stupid laptop I'm not used to...

    Anyway, the points that mattered were Scallies, sod off (goodness me, they're like the ambulance chasers of football!); don't forget we've got 5 games in 13 days now, that'll be why many players weren't playing; Pav's got potential, he was just trying to 'get used to the physical natural of the Prem'; I don't think any of us expected top 4 this season, we all knew it'd be a brand new team and it'd take time - we'll be shit for a bit longer yet while everyone adjusts; Ramos stop using silly formations that the team don't understand and don't know each other well enough to judge; and do you think Ramos is saving Campbell for Thurs so then if Utd have to call him back early he'll be cup tied??

    There was much more than that in much more detail, but this'll keep you going!

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    • thankyou not_blonde....you are a logical head on cool shoulders...the trouble is that one gets emotional....
      after last seasons disappointment(apart from carling cup)
      and the some of the signings looked good....altho' some got away and expectations were high....tho' being a spurs supporter for 60 years i should have known better..lol!
      ....anyway i thankyou for your detailked canalysis....it has calmed me down and i hope for the sun to come from behiond the clouds.....all the best....coys!!!

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      • It's alright Derek, take a deep breath and savor this moment of post-disappointment calmness - you'll need to remember it when it happens all over again next weekend!

        Time's the key now, time and patience, unfortunately if we were all patient we'd be chess fans not football. A little silver lining is that I've just seen we're the only side to have taken any point off Chelsea yet (and I maintain that if we were a little bit more settled up front we'd have had all 3), something that both Man City and Portsmouth will have been hoping to do. We're not in a great position yet, but all is not lost for another 34 games, and we all know that Ramos is the kind of man to focus on Europe. Realistically I expect nothing but adjustment from this season, but you still never know.