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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Sep 16, 2008 22:03 Flag


    It's alright Derek, take a deep breath and savor this moment of post-disappointment calmness - you'll need to remember it when it happens all over again next weekend!

    Time's the key now, time and patience, unfortunately if we were all patient we'd be chess fans not football. A little silver lining is that I've just seen we're the only side to have taken any point off Chelsea yet (and I maintain that if we were a little bit more settled up front we'd have had all 3), something that both Man City and Portsmouth will have been hoping to do. We're not in a great position yet, but all is not lost for another 34 games, and we all know that Ramos is the kind of man to focus on Europe. Realistically I expect nothing but adjustment from this season, but you still never know.