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    Spurs against Wisla Cracow - Prediction.

    After the disappointment of Monday night's disaster, can we finally get our season going with a win against the Polish champions?

    I don't know too much about them, apart from the fact that Barcelona didn't have the easiest of times against them in the Champions League.

    Pavy & Corluka will not be eligable to play as they have already featured in european competition this season so my prediction will be a tough game with us just about shading it and taking a 2-0 lead to Poland in a couple of weeks time.


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    • Spurs will continue their miserable start to the season with defeat in this one.


      Spurs 1 Wisla Krakow 5

    • the eternal optimist mate 2-nil ? Hehe. Would like anything other than a 2-1 loss again. My 10p is on a massive draw ;) 1-1

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      • Good luck, Alfy. Hope you stuff them.

      • Gotta have faith Alfy, cos that's all we've been left with!!

        Europe alway's seems to bring out the best in Spurs no matter how good/bad we are proforming in the league.

        On saying that I'm just trying to look on the bright side, and maybe, just maybe I'm being a little bit overly-optimistic with my 2-0 scoreline... any win will do - I'll even take a 1-0 at this stage ( so long as we get our season going ).

      • Alfie my Guy.
        Guess you guys've not heard from me this "Season".
        Reason is that I over did it at the start of the season - with a 500 quid bet with a Manure mate (on the very 1st Losing Day).

        Ok! Still doing some over-time to pay my debts.

        Just got the odd off night, and wish to advice all Spurs Fans to forget the jokes, and consider "US" ...not responsible for the NYSE / Wall Street Melt Down.
        Manure's AIG - ?

        All we need is to get rid of our current management - and get some rich Irish folks to buy Tottenham.
        Failing which some Ukrainians, Georgians, Uzbekistans, Khurdistans, Niger-Deltans (Nigeria), Dafurians (Sudan) and the Hutus, can have their own slice of FREE flesh.

        I'll go for the Irish - they'll allow the odd 'Crack" Crow, Vi-isla Bonita!

        Please, Please do put this down as the "Worst Ever" joke, and vote for me in this category in the forth coming (PFS - New York) event in October.


      • No way Alfy.

        Don't let the suSpence get to you!

        Home or away, i am confident that this Spurs team will beat any Polish side.

        No Problem

      • I think I'm done with predictions after my first couple went so badly wrong, so I'm just hoping we put up a good display, get our act together to defend properly and score some (one?) goals.

        Maybe tomorrow is a chance for Campbell to show us what he's made of, but we need to play well in all areas or we'll be sitting ducks.

        Fingers crossed but looks like no chance of watching on the telly (unless it's on some obscure channel I can't get) - and that despite the fact that Villa, Pompey and Everton are all being shown on Five! Why is it our UEFA Cup matches are so rarely on the box?