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  • Gomes, Gunter, Woodgate, King, Bale, Bentley, Jenas, Zokora, Lennon, Giovani, Bent.
    Subs: Cesar, Huddlestone,Gilberto, Campbell, Dawson, O' Hara, Assou-Ekotto.

    These players played in the UEFA Cup tonight. Thats 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10......11 brit players playing.

    My question is, and of course, of vital importance is...Does Theo speak french yet?

    This topic is deleted.
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    • my answer which is MUCH more important is, are ANY of your lot good enough to get in the arsenal team???? quite simply, NO! or non if you prefer yer jealous doughnuts! bottom of the league!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaaa god yer rubbish.....oh and i told you yerd get stuffed by villa! this weeks prediction, you may get a lucky win but its more likely zaki will stick a couple in against gomes me thinks!

    • Maybe........to all your comment's.

      Now if you wouldn't mind, can you fcuk off and bore someone else.

    • ''Don't try and get clever with me you mucking fuppet cos I will just shoot you down all day long!!! ''

      I think you said that BEFORE I made the 'your wife' comment. Now if thats not picking a fight I dont know what is!
      Up until that point it was purely football talk. Where did you go wrong I wonder?....well i'll tell you.........you got emotional, angry, upset coz someone decided to take you on.........you lost control..deal with it.
      Now ....anything else before you f*ck off?
      Youve got plenty of time to think up something clever coz im off now until Monday so wont be able to read your reply until then......is a whole weekend enough time though?....I suspect you coming up with something clever is gonna be a lifetimes challenge.

    • I await their posts. As for you, I am sure I haven't heard the last of you. Hopefully you will make a comment relating to football to me in the future.

    • I am not picking a fight - if anyone picked a fight here pal it was you when you said you poked my wife. I took exception to this and that is why I felt it necessary to divulge the private information about my wife's passing - if for nothing else but to try and make you see the error of your ways. Clearly you have no class so I don't know why I even bothered. I will say no more on this subject as I said I am here to talk football!

    • If your wife really did pass away 3 months ago your a sadder plank than i realised.
      You grieve however the f*ck you like but picking fights with fans of other clubs on message boards shows you up as nothing short of bizarre. Dont kid yourself that your comments are 'banter'. Even fans of other clubs are telling you they are not.
      I stand by all my previous comments so whine all you like but I do advise you not to put personal details and info onto these message boards in future.

    • I'm outta here for a bit...

      Essex, Blonde, Berlin, Alfy



    • I won't find no one for you Pal...they'll find you and they will chew you up make no bones about that.....no skin of mine really. I couldn't care two fcuks who you upset...be my guest, but right now i'd say your popularity on these boards is about 2/10...

    • Well I'll be sure to polish up my technique in the future.

    • I'm not looking for a fight pal. The shallow threats I refer to are you saying you will find posters who will eat me for breakfast or something along those lines.

      I enjoy posting about football, people take exception to some of the things I say which is fine, that's what debate is about. I'm sorry if I am leaving the impression that I am only here for an argument, I assure you I am not. I'm just here to have a bit of fun discussing football!!

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