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  • Didnt see the game so thanks for the rundown RAM.
    I'd have preferred top go the theirs without concedeing the away goal but if you'd have offered me a win in any fashion before the game I'd have bitten your hand off!
    So do we use this as a springboard? Go on and beat Wigan on Sunday? Frankly a game most home clubs would see as a sure 3 pointer. Bruce is no chump and will use his wingers and Heskey to good effect. Have we turned enough of a corner to feel confident?

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    • Not sure if we have turned that corner just yet Essex,

      There will still be many corners to turn, many obstacles to overcome before we get back on track - I mean even if we do beat Wigan on Sunday, there is a good chance that we will be in the bottom three or still bottom by 5:45 Sunday evening.

      Not so sure about Wigan, they did put 6 past Hull recently - so again I will settle for a sneaky win against them, whatever the scoreline!!

      Before the season started I would say that playing against Wigan at WHL would have been a guaranteed home-banker, but after our abysmal start to this season nothing is certain as far as Spurs are concerned anymore!!