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  • matt matt Sep 19, 2008 17:11 Flag

    A win's a win

    agree 100% with the analysis RAMBRO.

    If Ledley cant play week in week out, there will be no stability or consistency at the back. Corluka can play CB, I think we should be using him there with Woodgate on Sunday.

    Gomes seems to be a decent shot stopper (Hoping villa blunder was an exception ;-) ), but distribution is poor.

    Bentley was hot and cold. I dont know if he was trying to hard, you could see what it meant to him when we scored our goals.

    I am concerned about our lightweight midfield, and I think half of our defensive frailties stem from midfielders not supporting the defence. Jenas and Zokora do not seem to work well together.

    My team for Sunday would be
    Gomes, Bale, Corluka, Woodgate, Zokora (RB), Lennon, Bentley, O'Hara, Jenas, Pavlyuchenko and Campbell.

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    • Mike, you do exaggerate - they only beat Hull 5-0 ;)

      Thanks for that Rambr0, I'd picked up bits & pieces from highlights & the like, but your analysis seems pretty different. Bear in mind with King that he's not played for a while, so is likely to be rusty, I think he's intended to be used as a 3rd choice CB for busy periods. However, if he's not up to the partnership perhaps we could employ him as a defensive midfielder? I think putting him out to pasture is a bit extreme, he's still better than half our first team!

      Oh, unrelated, but did anyone else notice that on Monday Woodgate kept the captain's armband when Jenas came on? That's a bit cheeky!

      I think the difference with a win in a cup is that there's a bit more of a buzz about it, hopefully it'll make more of a difference than a one-off win in the league. I reckon/hope this is the start of the turn, it might be enough to remind the team that actually Wigan at home should be a no-brainer, not so much get their confidence up as their faith in the team. We'll see on Sunday I suppose...